Tomorrow we get to find out what we’re having!!!  EXCITING!!  As long as it’s healthy, I’m okay with whatever it may be, but I wouldn’t be against having another boy.  Still though, a girl would be cool to.  Maybe.

The only problem with having another boy is going to war over the name.  Man, it took forever to go with Griffen, and I think that’s only because Mo backed down on what she wanted.  The two names we had for Griffen was well, GRIFFEN, and Dominic(k).  Mo said she didn’t think he looked like a Dominic, so we went with Griffen.  Isaac was just a random name I thought of.  She actually kind of liked that one.  So…  Maybe we should name this one Joe, if it’s a boy (I’m not going to make the connection for you, I can’t hold your hand through all of this…).  If it’s a girl, I really hope I can convince Mo to keep the name we liked the first time around, Tess Evangeline.  I LOVE the name Tess, Tessie or even Tessa, but I hate the name Theresa.  Does nothing for me.  And Evangeline…  Meh, Mo liked the name, I think there’s some relation to her Grandmother with it, but I can’t remember.  For back up girl names, man…I don’t know.  I like the name Emily, but we got one of those in the Hunger clan already…  It would be kind of silly to have another one.  Mo still loves the name Aiofe ($1 for anyone that can pronounce that properly), but I strike down anything that’s not spelled how it sounds.  Ooo!!  Maybe we can name the next child Phoenix!!  You know…Griffen…Phoenix…get it?  …do I have to hold your hand again?

So, to shift gears…  I opened up and messed with Swoop last night.  Not my favorite transforming Dinobot, but he does look good in robot form.  Very sleek, and has a personality in his stance.  I wish he had a little better arm articulation, but it’s a Transformer.  I can only ask so much.  His dinosaur mode looks pretty neat, too.  Basically, he looks like a chicken with better wings, which, I assume, probably wasn’t too far from some of the smaller flying dinosaurs.  I just hate transforming him.  His chest is a bit of a pain.  And his wings keep falling off.  BOO!!

My next want is the Star Wars comic pack with Cade Skywalker and the red Sith chick.  She was a decent bad guy, but if I remember right, she got dispatched rather easily.  But still, it’s a neat character, so I’ll probably pick one up.  Maybe I can repaint her and make her look like something from Cobra-La or something.  I’ll get around to picking it up sometime…

So, I didn’t add any pictures last night, but I did upload about 16 drawings of mine in the Artwork section.  Which is saying something…I don’t think I uploaded ANY pictures on my last web site.  Some of them are better than others, although they’re not that good, they do give me some refuge from the real world.  It’s kind of nice.  I want to start focusing on it more, but I’ll do it only when time will allow.  But anyways, if you want, go check out some of my artwork and let me know what you think!  I appreciate any comments!

So, I downloaded Metallica’s The Day That Never Comes.  Man, that song is as long as it’s title…  But gosh darn it, I do enjoy it.  It did that thing that One and Fade to Black was famous for, starting off really slow, and ending on a more powerful tone.  I’ve listened to it a handful of times already.  I’m curious as to what the rest of the CD will sound like.  I also downloaded 5 Finger Death Punch’s Never Enough.  Hell, just the name of the band is enough to get my interest picqued…it’s hilarous.  But it’s not a bad song, if you like that type of heavy rock/metal.  I’ve listened to it a  number of times, too.  I about pulled the trigger on a techno CD, too, but I decided against it.  Maybe when payday hits.