So…  Good day, bad day.  It was a good day, a very good day, because we found what what Deuce was.  What was Deuce?  Deuce is…Deuce is a dude!!  We’re having another boy!!!  That brings mom & dad’s grandsons up to a total of 4!!  And the chances of a granddaughter down to damn near zero.  Sorry Hungers, but the bank’s closed after this one…  Unless I win a million dollars between now and then.  So now, comes the naming process.  Any good suggestions?  We’re all ears.  To be honest, we actually kind of dig Phoenix.  It could work.  Phoenix Hunger?  I’m digging it…  Are you?  So that was the good AWESOME news.  Just the fact that the baby’s healthy is good great news.  Well, minus one thing.  Supposedly, theres some debris in one of the ventricles.  The doctor assured us this is normal, and should pass without worry.  If it’s something to be concerned with, they’ll let us know immediately.  So, please toss up a prayer that it is nothing, if you would.

So now, the bad news.  The bad news is, I blew a tire.  That sucked.  But, what’s worse, is the rim is screwed up.  Like, cracked and well, screwed up.  So, I have to get a new rim.  And this is not happy news.  I have to call around and find me a rim.  I can’t get a new tire until I get a rim.  Fun.