Yeah, sorry.  With year end upon us once again at Siemens Water, focus was elsewhere.  Not only that, but I had to work from home due to my wheel, which screwed up my schedule.  

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I was able to watch my cartoons, but I also had to work my butt off.  My children were needy.  So I didn’t have a whole lot of time to post, as I normally would.  If my schedule goes screwy, usually, I’m in trouble.  But, here’s hoping that things get put back on track.

So we went to the Pumpkin Fair this weekend back home.  Well, okay, Mo and I went to the parade.  We wanted to take Griffen to see it and see what he thought of it.  They passed out rubber balls, so he was a happy camper.  Plus, the bands came by, and him being a music lover of all sorts, this made him happy, as well.  In addition, he got snuck some Smartees, so he was really happy.  So happy, that he didn’t want to take a nap after we got home.  Thing was, he didn’t sleep at all the night before, so we were bushed.  Mom volunteered to take him back to the Pumpkin Fair to go on rides.  We happily complied.  Mo got to take a long nap, and I went for a drive to Madison, to just get some air.  Man, that place hasn’t changed a bit.  So, Griffen got to ride on some rides, and do the big slide, so once again, he was a happy camper.  Didn’t nap worth a crap, though, the little monster. 

Sunday came about and we had a family dinner.  Griffen was running around like a madman, and once again, didn’t take a nap.  However, he was eating some ice cream, and fell asleep after the first bite.  We took this opportunity to get him in the car and let him sleep on the trip home.  It was a quiet ride home, and we were pleased…

So, once again, I try to step into the modern age.  I placed an order for a Blackberry today.  The Blackberry Curve.  I can hear you oohing and aahing over there…I know you’re envious.  I just hope I can operate it properly 😛  This is embarrassing, but I’m going to have to have Mo go over it with me to make sure I don’t blow it up.  Because, you know, that seems like the kind of thing I would do.   I’m looking forward to playing with it, though.  All kinds of skins and different functions…  Not only that, but I can get the net anywhere, any time!  H00ty-h00t!!  The missus showed me a theme that I MUST have in my inventory, whether I ever use it or not is to be seen…  Yes, it’s true…  I’m a bit of a Smurf fan.  What can I say?  I love little blue Communists…  Or Socialists, I’m not sure exactly which they are.  I think they’re Socialists…  So, in other technology news, I’ll be getting an IPod shuffle today.  I want.  Reason being, I tried to jog with my big IPod, and it was flopping around like a retard having a siezure.  While that, I do not care, it took a hit that made it stop in midrun.  That was annoying.  So, I’m thinking with this smaller IPod, it won’t flop around as much, and I can jog while I’m listening to tunes.  Which would make me happy.  And not bored or thinking “Why the hell am I doing this to myself?” 

In sports, let’s talk about the Bengals.  And that’s about that.  You know, it really is upsetting to see them performing so miserably.  I swear, it’s like watching the KC Royals play baseball.  Only the Bengals have tons of talent.  And the Royals at least jump out to first for a day or two before falling to fate and ending horribly.  The Bengals are just a trash fire from day one.  And MAN…we lost to the friggin Browns!  They suck!  With the schedule coming up…we have a chance of going 0-16.  Just a freaking train wreck. 

In baseball news, the playoffs are about to start.  I’m going to break my rule of not rooting for an American League team, so GO TAMPA BAY RAYS!!  Kick some AL and NL ASS!!!  YOU CAN DO IT!!  …namely, because my team didn’t make the playoffs this year.  Rough year for the Cards. :(  I hope the Cubbies get smoked in the first round so they can whine for yet another year.  I’m not bitter.  In the least.