Hey there.  Been a hectic weekend.  Dude, Cavaliers are one of the most popular (re: cheap) cars out there, so you’d think finding a rim for one of these suckers would be cake, huh?  Yeah…one would think.  Alas, I’m one tire short of a car.  It’s more like an expensive three wheeler at the moment…

So, I did find a rim on EBay, that someone’s selling from Minnesota.  FREAKING Minnesota!  God bless.  Stupid misfortune.  This is NOT the week to be having these issues…  The Middle of the month is usually where we get slammed wih bills, too.  Rent, car payment, credit cards, etc.  All in the middle.  It’s grand.

So, the Midwest got a serious wind storm last night, courtesy of Ike.  Some of my branches today had to shut down because of it.  No power, limbs and power lines down, semis down, a McDONALD’S SIGN fell down…  I was listening to the Bengals game yesterday (sore subject, don’t want to talk about it), and the news broadcasters were recapping how a McDonald’s sign was blown down and hit a bunch of cars.  SEE???  McDonald’s…will be killing you in one form or another.  I just thought that was kind of random.  Also, a bridge that I used to travel on all the time on I-275 in Kentucky, a semi got blown over.  If I was on that bridge at the time, I’m quite sure I would have soiled myself.  You see, and some of you may know, but I have a HUGE phobia of bridges.  Ever since I was little, I had always dreamt I was going to drive off a bridge, namely, that bridge in Kentucky, just outside of Lawrenceburg, IN.  And the scary-ass bridge in Madison.  GOD, I hate that bridge.  Nothing, absolutely NOTHING is that important in Carollton, KY, that I have to cross that bridge.  I don’t care if that bridge connected me to Australia directly, I’d still spit on it and walk away.

What else is new?  Mo downloaded this “Genius” thing for our ITunes.  The point is to make you buy more music relating to whatever random song you’re listening to, but it also makes playlists for you for what music you are in the possesion of.  Cool!!  Right now, it’s not batting too badly.  It’s pretty good about rounding up rock and heavy metal music, but it’s having some issues with my techno tracks.  Nothing’s perfect, but it’s working pretty well for me.  So when I want to round up a good collection of music to pump me up, it became that much simpler.  Speaking of music, I found my first System of a Down CD, and this makes me happy.  I’ve missed Suite-Pee, Sugar, War? and Spiders.  So that got added to the Ipod right now.  Also found a Nirvana CD that I hadn’t added yet, as well.  Hooray! 

Solomon Grundy mocks me.  It’s a build-a-figure that you have to get all five figures in the wave to get the full figure.  I have everything but his left arm.  I can’t find Robin anywhere.  So now, I just have this pissy looking one-armed zombie guy, looking all sad because he doesn’t have a left arm.  I found the hard ones immeidately, Nightwing and Deathstroke the Terminator (you can’t POSSIBLY get a cooler name than Deathstroke the Terminator…it just reeks of bad ass!!), and I left Robin because I figured he’d be everywhere.  Great call on my part.  So, if you find a Robin anywhere, hook a brother up, would ya?  I would take him downstairs to put him in my toy collection, but I need him there.  I need him looking at me to make sure I buy that Robin when I get a chance. 

Other than that, my child has decided that everything moos.  It’s quite humorous.  He’s got a stuffed giraffe that he’s been mooing at lately, and it is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  I tried to capture it on my cell phone, but it didn’t look that great.  And it happens so fast, you can’t really tell what he’s doing unless you know ahead of time.  But, I assure you, it’s hilarious.  Apparently giraffes and dogs go “Moo”.  I was unaware.  But he knows what cats say.  So, this basically tells me that we need to eliminate the cat from our house.

At least that’s what it’s telling me.