I want none of those.  Give me a Russian taxi cab, baby!  Those things can take a licking and keep on ticking!!!  I just watched the Bourne Supremecy (along with the Bourne Identity and Ultimatum) today while working from home, and, the things he did with that car…

Leave it to Jason Bourne to make a MiniCooper, a New York Police car, and a Russian Taxi Cab to look cool.  It’s not the big muscle cars or the overpriced exotic cars that Bourne does stuff with, no, it’s the run of the mill cars.  So, let’s take a vote here.  Who here thinks Jason Bourne can kick James Bond’s ass?  *Raises hand*  You better believe it, man.  While that British snob tries to slap fight you to death, or use out-of-this-world gadgets, Jason Bourne can kill you with a BIC ink pen and a phone book.  Advantage: Bourne.  Bond needs a legion of assistants and scientist to create doodads, Bourne doesn’t even know who he is and can kick your teeth in.  Advantage: Bourne.  Bond gets the hot women that try to kill him.  Bourne gets the cute girl, that ends up biting a bullet from the back of the neck…um…draw.  Bond goes everywhere in a tux, Bourne has the clothes on his back, and a duffle bag full of cash.  Advantage: Bourne.  It’s not even a contest.  Bourne all the way.

Man, sports have been a rough year for me.  The Bengals are Bungles once again.  I mean, they’re not even competitive now, they’re a laughing stock once again.  With all that talent, wasted.  Such a shame.  The Pats lost their big gun, Tom Brady, but are still winning behind Matt Cassel.  Good for Matt!  Keep going, man!  As for baseball, My Cardinals can’t compete at all, just barely hanging on.  My Reds are playing like my favorite American League team, the Royals.  For those of you who don’t know, it means they’re just there, for everyone’s amusement, letting other teams rip them apart.  Sad.  Pathetic.  And the Reds also traded off two big guns, Ken Griffey Jr., and Adam Dunn.  KG was destined to end up in the American League anyways, as he’s getting older and losing a step in the outfield, and Adam Dunn, while can crush the heck out of the ball, was also a strikeout specialist.  And, a strikeout specialist is only good if you’re a pitcher, and he ain’t a pitcher.  So, the Reds just show up for games here and there, just to get their names in the attendance rolls, and that’s about it.  For the Bengals, I don’t know.  I’ve lost my patience with Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco.  That’s right, he changed his name.  He’s no longer humorous, he’s an unhealthy distraction.  The Ballad of the Bengals = “Just wait till next year!”  Only now, I have to apply that to all my teams.