So…hey, looky there.  I changed the banner!  YAY!  The other one was lame.  This one’s okay.  If nothing else, it’s mine, and that’s what counts.  I did it this morning before work because I didn’t have time to tinker with it last night.  I’m going to mess with it Friday, so hopefully it’ll look relatively different.  Well, same but different.

So, I’m wifeless.

She went to Atlanta this morning for a convention, and will return Friday night.  Nothing like the company splurging for a big trip…that the company’s hosting!  Tightwads.  Which, it sucks, as Mo’s out of town, supposedly, there’s a guy in Southport that is having a King & Queen of the Beach Volleyball tournament tonight.  Basically, if you don’t know, you register as a single contestant, and play doubles with random partners throughout the evening.  I’m freaking PUMPED for it, but Gustav might have something to say about it, and dump a bunch of rain on us and wash it out.  My friend Amy’s graciously agreed to babysit Griffen while I’m doing that.  Let’s all thank Amy, shall we?  So, let’s hope, that, if it doesn’t rain, I don’t kill myself or break my back.  Especially because I was making fun of my Engineer for hurting his back picking up his daughter yesterday.  I figure equal retribution will be coming soon…

I had the weirdest dream last night.  It involved the Beastie Boys, Guitar Hero, and President Bush.  Can’t say that I can explain it, other than I looked at the new Guitar Hero game yesterday, World Tour.  Still doesn’t make sense that Dubbya was in it…instead of, say, like, I dunno…a hot girl?  Mrs. Bush was in it, but that still fails to meet the requirement of “Hot girl”.  I’m going to have to have a chat with my dream Maker.  Apparently it’s broken.  Actually, I don’t recall even seeing a female in my dream (Laura Bush is debatable).  DUDE.  Dream Maker, you suck! 

In other news, You should see this killer bruise I have on my shin.  For those that don’t know, smacking a bench unprepared hurts.  A lot.  No goose egg anymore, now I just got a healthy looking bruise.  I’m just hoping that it won’t hinder me tonight.  I have tomorrow off, so I can heal, work on the web site, and…well…heal.  I also want to do some video gaming.  I’m broke, so I can’t go on my toy hunt. :(  Which is fine anyways, as I’ve got some preorders coming due, and I have my eyes stuck on a pair of Oakleys.  Flak Jacket, baby!!  Totally customizable, so I’ve spent the better part of a week figuring out what color combinations I want to get.  And yes, I’m more than willing to drop $175 on a pair of sunglasses.  I’m sick in the head like that.  And you can even etch stuff into the lens!  I assume it’s about as toolish as writing your name in your underwear, but I don’t care…it’s freaking sweet!!