Yeah, hi there!  So I’ve taken on the chore of trying the web site thing once again.  It’ll be a lot like my previous attempt, only I plan on personalizing this a little more.  Little, not lot.  I’ll be using a theme once again, because quite frankly, I’m not that talented to write the coding needed to make it run like I want to.  However, my last one was boring on the eyes and was apparently buggy, as you couldn’t pull up previous posts.  Nice, huh?  So, this one should operate a little better. 

Of course you’ll get pictures of Griffen, Mo and I, as well as *hopefully* art and other tidbits.  I’ll also be tinkering with other bits of web site stuff, as I’m trying to figure out how to do stuff.  I want to know how to operate a forum, so I’ll put one of those up at some point, too.  Because, you know, talking about myself on a blog isn’t enough, no…  I have to have a forum to talk about me!!  So, stay tuned…  It’ll be going through some changes whenever time and energy allows.  The first to get changed is that stupid picture up top.  That being said, I hope it’s gone before most of you even bother to click on  But we’ll see.  Right now, it’s some dude crashing on a couch playing with a computer.  Lame-O, so I gotta fix it.  It’ll probably end up being a kaleidoscope-looking image, as I like stuff like that.  It’ll still look better than that stupid image I was given. 

Also, it should be known that I’m trying to get back into volleyball.  If any of you slackers need a second, or a teammate, CALL ME.  I’m whoring myself out to anyone who needs a teammate.  Doubles preferred, but I’ll go quads or sixes. 

ANYWAYS…  Back to the point.  I’m back up, and is kind of no more.  Why the change?  It’s good to change every now and again.  It gives a fresh start to things. 

So, let me formally welcome you to  Enjoy your stay.  For the love of God, comment on stuff.  You have no idea how much I hate just spam popping up here…