Mmm mmm mmm…  Penn Station tastes SOOO good.  God, I’m such a fat bastard…

So, only a few days before we find out what Deuce will be.  Excited…nervous…anxious…  All of those.  I’m more nervous with this one than I was with Griffen.  Why, I do not know.  Other than the fact is I know we won’t have any more children after this point…  The fact that we know how to (relatively) work a boy (I don’t care what you say…a little girl is a whole other animal…), the fact that my Engineer at work has horror stories about his second baby (his kids are about the same age distance as mine, and he just had his second)…  Or the fear that we’re not ready…  Yeah, I know the last one’s a null point, as Deuce is coming whether we’re ready or not, and I’m more than welcome for it to make it’s presence known, it’s just…whoa.  We’ll figure it out, it’s just the matter of getting there’s all.

For new readers, I use … quite a bit.  Sorry.

Anyways, as I sit here enjoying my Penn Station Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, I’m thinking about how long I want to run tonight.  Because you know, I’m wanting to get into shape (again, remember the Philly Cheesesteak I’m stuffing in my face), and I haven’t run since last Monday.  I didn’t run Monday because I didn’t want to run the risk of screwing up my legs before volleyball (SCREW YOU, BENCH!!), and I didn’t run on Friday because I was lazy/exhausted, take your pick.  Saturday was crazy busy with a midday wedding, and Sunday, Mo was gone for a big part of the day, so I couldn’t leave Junior.  So back to work tonight (yeah, I’m sure that Cheesesteak sammich is helping a ton…).  SHUT UP, YOU!!   

So, I went on a brief toy hunt this morning, and as I was walking past a bin of Hot Wheels cars, I happened to notice a Hot Wheels 2008 Lancer Evolution just hanging out.  Now, mind you, I don’t really buy little die cast cars,  nor have I really been that interested in them since I was 6, but I’ve been known to pick up a Dodge Viper, or favorite car here and there, if I just happen to see them.  Well, as of late, the Lancer Evo is one of my top favorite cars at the moment, so I figured, what the heck, and picked it up.  It now sits with me at my work cubicle.   I try to talk the wifey into letting me get this for us (What?!? It’s a four door family car!!  I’m just thinking of the family here!), and I get struck down every time.  Something about the price or some silliness.  It’s not fair, I tells ya.  All I know is that I dig that little four door hotrod.  It looks slick and looks like it has some kick.  So, anyways, I DID get me a Lancer Evo, just not the one I wanted…  Actually, that puts my little car collection at work up to two;  I also have Boost from the movie Cars.  …and he has a rubber chicken on the top of his roof.  True story.