So, someone was taught a bit of humility last night.  That someone would be me, of course. 

You know, I knew I wasn’t the best sand volleyball player.  I knew I wasn’t a great sand volleyball player.  I DID, however, think I could hang with about just anyone on the sand courts, though.
I was terribly mistaken.

So I went to play Sand Volleyball last night, and, honestly, I didn’t know what to expect.  I mean, it was in the Dude’s backyard, so how hardcore could it be, right?  Heh.  Granted, I’m four and a half years outside of really playing, but still, these guys made me look flipping SILLY out there.  I don’t know if I made them look that good, or if I was just that bad, but GEEZ, man.  I knew I was in trouble when I was halfway through the first match and sucking air.  I couldn’t count the number of times I said “I’m sorry”.  Still though, no one gave me the stink eye, and for that, I was thankful.  By the end of the night, I was getting a grip on things, even if the scores didn’t show it.  I wish I could keep going, but their season’s about over, and honestly, I’m not sure they’ll let me back on their courts again 😛 

Now, let me tell you…these guys and gals weren’t just buddies and normal chumps.  No.  These guys had talent and experience coming out of the wazoo.  Nationals experience, one dude even won Nationals…  People coming from as far away as 2 hours…  This was a relative deal, and here I was, my only experience happening for the majority back in high school (if you’re counting, that’s about 13 years ago…), with a bunch of buddies, having a good time.  It’s hard for me to say that I was outclassed, but…I was outclassed.  Schooled.  Taught the ways.  Was a bug flying down the road in the path of a bus. 

That being said, I enjoyed it.  It was an awesome work out.  And it was good to just play SOME kind of volleyball again.  Hopefully, I can find other locations to play indoor v-ball, but I’m not holding my breath.  Supposedly, there’s a place in Plainfield that has open gym…that’s got my name all over it.  IF I can get back into the swing of things again, maybe I won’t look like so bad next time.  Plus, maybe this will help me.  I have no issues of getting my teeth kicked in if it’ll help me in the long run.  Gotta learn somewhere, right?

Other points of interest…I got the Nemesis EnforcerImmortal/Falcon G.I. Joe Comic Pack this week.  The figures look okay.  Falcon looks like a Drag Queen though. Which is kind of funny.  So, now I have to get the new 5-packs and the new Target Vehicles, and I’m up to date.  W00T!!