So…W00t!!  I changed the picture up on top, I changed the background (somewhat), I changed the blues on the banners to a green with swirls, and have added some pages.  Still need to add some pictures yet, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and, for those of you who have read my web site through the years know that it was a battle to get THAT done, so…it’s getting there…

So, the weekend was busy.  We had a wedding for one of Mo’s co-workers and they had cookies…OMG the cookies.  I LOVED the cookies!!  They were like those awesome bakery cookies…  Oh…the wedding was nice, too.  Or so I heard.  Griffen and I decided to take a stroll in the park.  It was an outside wedding, and Griffen was getting a little bored, so we went for a stroll.  The reception was a good time, too.  Did I mention the cookies?

I’ve been slacking on my running.  I haven’t run since Monday…  I have to get back on the horse tomorrow.  I can’t slack off now.  I feel good (relatively speaking) when I run now, and I want to keep that feeling.  Plus, my wife’s sister-in-law gave me some good tips and encouragement to continue and be better, and I want it as a push.  So, back to running on Monday.  I’ll go for a half hour, and see how I feel.  I’d like to make it to 40 minutes.  But after a week off, I’m not sure if I can do it or not.  Here’s hoping.