Crap…  No ketchup for my french fries.  Dangit, Bobby…  That’s not the sign of a good day. 

So, Hi!  Just eating my lunch here, sans ketchup, enjoying a moment to myself.  So I watched Chuck and Heroes last night.  It’s the first time I’ve watched Chuck since the pilot.  Man, I think I have really missed a good thing…  The show’s pretty funny, and I garauntee that a decent percentage of the population who have boring, run-of-the-mill jobs have, at one time, wanted to be a secret agent, and he’s living the life.  So…  Amy, does Billy pretend he’s Chuck at times?  Honestly, because if I worked where he worked, …I would.  Daily.  Damn skippy.  Plus, the show’s got the funny Baldwin in it…Jane from Firefly.  They’ve got the first season out on DVD now…  I’m thinking of picking it up.  Anyone else watch this show?

Like I said, I also watched Heroes last night.  I missed all of season 2, and the season opener for 3.  I need some catching up…  So, Claire’s gone to annoying, Niki is still worthless although she’s not really “Niki” now, but she’s a clone.  Which, is what I figured after season one.  Whoever she is this week, she’s still worthless and annoying.  So apparently there’s a new chick called Daphne or “Nemesis” (by Hiro), and, dammit, I like this chick.  She’s cute, not really bad, but not good.  She’s like the Flash, a speedster.  And she wears red.  I’m telling you, they were invoking the spirit of Flash with her.  Sylar’s a bit of a good guy now, but, meh.  He looks like two caterpillars are resting above his eyes.  And there’s two Noah’s (I dunno), an Evil Claire (couldn’t really care about her one way or another), and the cop mind reader is on a spiritual walk.  I’ve missed quite a bit.  I want to see more of Nemesis, though!

Plus, honestly, “Nemesis” just sounds cool.  It’s one of the coolest nicknames ever for characters.  Behind Deathstroke the Terminator, Swerve, Shrike, and then Nemesis.  If I were a character, I’d hope I’d have a badass call sign like one of those.  “The Purchaser” doesn’t have a really good ring to it…

Iron Man came out today on DVD.  If you didn’t see it in the theaters, FOR SHAME!!  It was an excellent movie, and that’s saying something, as I hate the Iron Man character.  Iron Man/Tony Stark is the Marvel Universe’s Batman/Bruce Wayne, only more lame and more drunk.  But Downey Jr. pulled the characterization off, and it was nicely done.   So, go figure.  I picked it up at Wally today, so I’m sure I won’t have to twist Mo’s arm to watch it tonight.  It’s good to be married to a comic book geek :) 

Oh, I got my Shuffle last night, and field tested it.  Worked like a charm!  I ran for 30 minutes, and not one issue.  I used Mo’s Gel Earphones, so I didn’t have issues with them popping out.  It was kind of nice to just be able to job with music going on.  I could clip it on my shirt, and not worry about something on my arm.  When I ran with my other IPod, the earphone wire would get wrapped up in my arm or on the arm band.  No such issues here!  I was able to put the wire behind me, so I didn’t have to deal with them in front of me.  Very nice.