So, Operation: Ditch the Gut is continuing as planned.  I hit my mark of running for 40 minutes straight last night.  Oh man, did it hurt at minute 25, 30 and 35…  But I progressed.

It didn’t go as smoothly as I was hoping, but it did go as planned.  Me being off a week definitely took a toll on me.  I’m going to have to stay focused and keep it up if I’m wanting to hit my hour run mark a couple weeks down the road.  I also found out that after about 30 minutes of running, my feet start to hurt.  I’ll have to get some insoles to cushion the blows.  It’s not that my shoes hurt now…  Actually, I LOVE these New Balance shoes.  I think they’ve really helped me.  They’re really light, too.  My feet don’t really hurt now, but man, do my thighs kill.  My ankles’ kind of hurting, too.  Also, remember that bruise on the shin?  It’s getting bigger.  Check it out!!  So, if it keeps getting more gross looking, I’m going to go to the doctor, to make sure I really didn’t screw anything up.  I figure it can’t be that bad…  I’ve ran twice and played sand volleyball on it.  I’m sure it’s just a nasty bruise, but it is awfully ugly to look at.

So I stopped by WalMart this morning, to see if they had anything fun.  I picked up Transformers Animated Swoop, which completes my Dinobot set.  This makes me happy.  And one less thing off my toy master list that I’m hunting down.  But back to Swoop…  When I was a kick, the Dinobots were the COOLEST!!  I never had any, though.  I could either never find them, never afford them, or I got Joes instead.  Not a bad trade off there, but still, I wanted them.  So the new animated series they just released has three of the Dinobots in toy form, Grimlock, Snarl and Swoop.  Each of these have been really fun to transform and look great in the robo form.  Swoop was the one I really wanted, though.  C’mon, flying dinosaurs!!  Flying ROBOT dinosaurs!!  That just oozes cool!

Shut up.

Anyways, so I got that this morning.  I can’t wait to really tinker with it.  Also, Indiana Jones figures are on sale at Wally, so I might get a few more of those.  You can’t go wrong with Indians and middle-easterners.  They’re gonna have to wait until pay-day, though. 

So I listened to Metallica’s newest song again last night, The Day That Never Comes.  First time I heard it, I was like, Meh.  Although, after listening to it again, it’s growing on me.  I dare say, I actually kind of dig it.  I might download it tonight on ITunes.  I’m contemplating buying the disc.  You can watch the video on youtube now, but I can’t access it, otherwise I’d link it for you. 

Finally, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve updated the photos section.  I have a handful of pictures of Griffen on there, and one shot of the three of us.  I’m not in denial, you’re here to see the kid, aren’t you?  Well, head over to the Photos section and you’ll be able to see the monkey in some of his finest moments.  I hope to get some more pictures up tonight or tomorrow, depending on how things are tonight.