In a word:  SEXY.
In two words: WANT IT.
In three words: I NEED IT.
In three words, a contraction, and an emoticon: I can’t afford it. :-(


So, over on johioclub, a GI Joe lover’s board, we have a section of a forum where we show our love for things mechanical and fast, usually of the jet variety, but also of the car variety, too.  Anyways…  Getting back to the car…  Man, ever since 1993, when the Dodge Viper was first shown and sold, I was in love.  L O V E.  Yeah, I really love the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo as of late, this is true.  But that’s a fling.  This, this right here is love.  There is just something about this mean American muscle machine that had me hooked.  Looks?  Yup.  Power?  Yup.  It’s just hot, dude.  HAWT.  And really, it’s a dying breed, at least on the US side, anyways.  With gas going through the roof (although, pricing has gotten back down to the reasonable side…this week…), gas guzzling sports cars and SUV’s are really feeling the brunt of it.  There’s even rumor of a type of the Corvette being put on hold indefinitely.  The Corvette!  America’s car beacon!!  Sad :(  But, yeah…  This sucker’s a gas guzzler, for sure.  I don’t care though.  If I won the lottery, you’re looking at my first purchase.  I don’t care WHAT I needed to pay off, I’m walking out of a Dodge Dealership with one of these bad boys, world be damned.  And, if I won some ridiculous amount of money, I’d buy a 1993 one, and the current model, just because I could.  THESE are the kinds of toys I should be collecting!!

So, after meeting with the Mighty Mo for lunch today, I was driving back and noticed a song I haven’t heard in a while.  X103 does what’s called “Deja Vu”, or something like that.  Where they “go back in time and play songs from the past”, which, typically means, older songs in their typical playlists.  “GOING ALL THE WAY BACK TO 2007…” kind of thing, you know?  But anyways, they did play a song I hadn’t heard in a while, Number 1 Crush by Garbage.  Now, combine this with the fact that I found my Garbage CD a couple weeks ago, this made me pretty happy.  I really liked this song, and didn’t own it, as it came on the Romeo + Juliet movie soundtrack from a handful of years ago.  So, yeah, I was a happy camper that I got to hear that again.  Of course, NOW, I have to go to ITunes and buy the sucker.  Eh, a dollar is worth my 3-4 minutes and some odd seconds.  Especially when it’s Shirley Manson.  Because she seems kind of keen. 

OH!!!  Guess what I found out yesterday?!?!  The Silverhawks are on DVD!!!  *FAINTS*
*Gets back up*
MAN, this is one of the big cartoons that I followed when I was a kid.  I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this to come to DVD, and now it’s here!  RIGHT FREAKING ON!!!  So now, I have to find $35 from somewhere.  Man, not only that, but freaking Guitar Hero: World Tour, G.I. Joe DVD packs 3 & 4, Wave 11 & 12 of G.I. Joe are all out, and I’m picking up some football jerseys from my friend, NOT to mention that the holidays are fastly approaching…CRAP IN A HAT.  There’s no release!!!  I’m going to be so broke for some time, dang it.  I need to donate plasma or something…