Holy crap.  E.T.’s on.  I haven’t seen E.T. in years.  Like, Y E A R S.  It’s still not bad, which is saying something.  I’m just saying, some of the movies I liked when I was a kid…  Whoa…

So, I had a busy day yesterday.  I left work early because Mo and I had to go to Hanover college to see a lecture on Zahi Hawass.  I’m just boggled on how he found Indiana.  It was extremely interesting to hear him talk.  I absolutely LOVE ancient Egyptian culture, and this guy really digs it.  Er…um…literally.  Sure, why not…pun intended :)  You see, because he’s an archealogist, and archeologists dig, and if he likes it, he digs it…  It’s comedic genius, you see. 

Man, I hate it when the big, bad government comes in to take E.T.  The bastards.

So anyways, He was really fun to listen to.  He’s Egyptian, and, even though he speaks English, it was sometimes hard to understand what he was saying when he got excited.  Even though a bunch of stuff that he talked about could be seen on Discovery or History Channel, it was still very cool to see it in person.  There were no actual exhibits, but a ton of slides.  And, the showman that he is, promised a grand find later this year…  Maybe the remains of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.  We’ll see.  You know there’s got to be a ton of stuff still buried out there, still all kinds of secrets to be found.  I wish I could go out there, and find something amazing…  That would be so freaking awesome…

So, last night, I had a bit of a scare.  I was crouching down, looking at an SD Card for my phone, and when I stood up, I had an extremely sharp pain in my chest.  Like, I couldn’t breathe for a second or so.  After a second, I could breathe again, but not very deeply.  I took Griffen to meet up with Mo, trying to catch my breath.  Man, it hurt.  As the night went on, the hurt went away, but there was still a pressure there.  Very odd feeling.  I woke up this morning, and the only thing I can compare it to is someone trying to push up against my chest.  The pressure was still there this morning.  I made a stop at the doctor’s office, and, according to them, it was nothing serious, as they checked my heart rate, blood pressure, and even took an EKG.  Somehow, I managed to pull some kind of muscle in my chest, right above where my heart was.  Also, apparently, my ribs don’t move like they should, so that sometimes causes a shortness of breath.  Also, my spine is out of whack, so that could lead to discomfort.  So, the end result is, I’m okay, but, eh…I still feel off.

I’m getting so old…stuff’s breaking down, things are falling off…  Old, old, old. 

I’m also trying to figure out the best method to do a theme for my phone.  I didn’t realize there was this much research in it.  Not only do you have to do wallpapers, but you also have the ability to do buttons, change text, so on and so forth.  I really in depth, and interesting.  But time consuming.  You really have to have a plan.  So I’m working on a plan now.  Themes I’m wanting to do: Voltron, Silverhawks, and, of course, G.I. Joe.