Wow…  So it’s been a while.  I know, I know… It’s not the first time I’ve gone through a dry spell in terms of posting…  This is no different.  It’s not like I haven’t had stuff to talk about, it’s just when I look at the computer screen, I just don’t feel like yapping, you know?  So…  What to talk about…

Where do I start?  We had a dinner at my grandparents last weekend, and the kids got into their Halloween costumes.  We had a nice variety there. :)  Clicky.  Of course, my oldest nephew kind of cheated and wore the football outfit he had wore earlier that day in a game.  And my cousin, Bailee, yes, that’s an ‘outfit’.  Something from High School Band Camp or something like that?  I’m so out of the loop.  And my son, in all his glory, was Batman.  Totally fun stuff :)  Isn’t he adorable??? 

Ouch.  I have a cut on my tongue and it’s driving me bonkers.  Sorry, I just felt like sharing. 

So this weekend, we’re going to French Lick, Indiana.  It sounds totally perverse, right?  Truly.  But, apparently, there’s a casino and resort there, and it’s all courtesy of my employer.  Pretty nice, huh?  So we’re dropping Junior off at Mimi & Papaw’s for the weekend, heading up on Saturday for the evening.  All’s I know is, I’m taking a bath.  The bath at our house SUUUUUUUCKS, so we don’t get to take baths much.  And there’s nothing more that I like to do when I’m sick than to take a nice hot bath.  Oh yeah, I’m sick, by the way.  TONS of fun, there. 

Totally bad timing, too.  As I missed out on my run in Cincinnati.  I was seriously looking forward to it. :(  So I’m trying to feel better, but it’s dragging on, and I’m over it.  I even had a day off on Friday, and all I really wanted to do was lie about the house.  Boo. :(  BUT, I did play some video games, and that was good. :)  Oooo!!  Speaking of video games!!  Guitar Hero: World Tour has more Nirvana songs AND…AND!!!  Tool!  MAN.  I must obtain this on that alone.  I love Tool, and now that Guitar Hero has some of their songs, along with a Metallica song…man…  It must be mine.  Amy, have you guys picked it up yet?  Looks really fun.  The Guitars seem to have new controls on it, as well.  Does that change it much?  I also see that they’re incorporating drums and vocals into it like a certain similar other video game that shall remain nameless…  GOOD.  That way, I won’t have to pay for a huge ass package to buy Rock Band. 

We also had a get together in Troy. OH on Saturday.  That was a good time.  My friends are weird, though.  Still though, fun time.  I got to meet a new collector in the area, which is always fun.  And I got to play with my buddy’s 6 month old baby, which is always fun.  Gotta keep these girls lined up for Griffen or Deuce when they get older, you know! So, for all of you people that have the ‘itch’…think girl thoughts.  You know, better safe than sorry with more possibilities. :)  Because, apparently, Hungers only breed males…  I don’t know how my sister fit into all of this.  Maybe she’s adopted. 😛

So I found out today that a friend of mine split with her husband.  Man, that’s just heartbreaking :-(  It’s always sad to hear stuff like that, but when it happens to good people, you just ache.  They’ve got one kid together, and the guy’s got a kid of his own.  It’s just a downer, man.  Makes you appreciate the person your with, for those who are happy; and makes you appreciate being single so you don’t have to deal with this crap, if you don’t have that special person.  Still though, you know who you are, and you and your baby are in our thoughts and prayers.  We wish you nothing but the best. 

I think that’s it for today.  I’ll get back into the swing of things.  It’s been busy at work, and I need to make sure that I’m on the ball.  So, until tomorrow…