I now own Silverhawks: Volume 1.  I kick much tail.  I just hope, nay, PRAY that it’s as good as I remember it. 

And by good, I mean cheesy, campy 80’s cartoon fun.  I mean, it’s about cyborgs that can fly through space, kick butt, and, did I mention, they’re cyborgs? 

They’re not the scary, wires danging off of them, got computer boards and chips stringing off of them kind of cyborg, they’re more along the lines of Terminators.  Only good.  And can fly through space.  And have lasers (ahhh, they 80’s…) that can fire from their shoulders, although there are no gun ports on them.  And have jet engines in the ankles.  I’m telling you, this was the 80’s wrapped up in a silver package.  For those who aren’t old enough to remember these guys (damn whipper snappers…), it involved a core team of 5 operatives, (if I remember right..) all injured in a battle somewhere at some point.  They all went until the knife to become cyborgs.  3 guys, 1 girl, and a somewhat annoying mime-alien.  Oh yeah, I forgot, they had metal wings that came out of their sides so they could fly.  MAN, I loved the 80’s.  Package it up in enough make up, and you could make anything work.  We were all so gullible then.  Now?  Everything’s lame and udder crap.  Maybe I’ve just become cynical…  ANYWAYS, so these guys all fly through space, go out and kick butt of all bad guys, and come back home for a laugh before the final credits.  All within 21 minutes. 

Only bad thing is that we’re traveling this weekend, so I probably won’t get to watch the episodes until Monday or so…  Maybe Saturday morning.  How awesome would that be?  To watch old 80’s cartoons on a Saturday morning?  The correct answer would be: Totally awesome, Jay.  If you do not answer as such, you’re either not a child of the 80’s, or you have no soul.

Another bad thing about traveling, if my buddy Jon gets in the jerseys this weekend, I won’t be able to meet up with him till Monday (Crap!  Means I won’t be able to watch my videos till Tuesday!! Nuts…).  It’s driving me nuts, as they’re a week overdue, and I have two little parrots giving me grief about them, as they went through me to get jerseys.  I feel sorry for my buddy.  It’s annoying when someone else drops the ball, and you’re held responsible. 

Other than that, I’m tired.  It’s my own fault, though.  I haven’t been going to bed before midnight, and it’s been draining me.  I just can’t sleep that early.  I need to win the lottery, that way, I can go to bed around 3 and wake up at 11, and then take a nap when I damn well feel like it.  Yeah, that would be alright. 

So, in closing, just because it popped in my head, let’s do a top ten of my favorite cartoons, k?

1. G.I. Joe – If anyone thought different, you haven’t been paying attention.  Sure, it was cheesy, but the characters were awesome. 
2. Exo Squad – A Great series.  It was one of America’s real attempts at a serious cartoon serial.  Great show.  Anyone remember this?
3. Batman: The Animated Series – I love Batman.  I learned Batman from this series.  All the great cameos, and the stories were awesome.
4. Gargoyles – This was a Disney cartoon that had a serious tone to it. Great series, great stories, the characters were neat, and just a worthy entry by Disney.
5. Silverhawks – Freaking Space-walkin’ cyborgs, dude.  80’s beauty.  Totally crazy idea, fun stories, fun characters.  I love Love LOVE the idea of being able to fly.
6. Voltron – Come on, man, you controlled one of five robotic lions, that could form up a giant ass-kicking robot.  I ask you, what more could you ask for??
7. George of the Jungle/Super Chicken – I loved both of these, and seeing as how they were usually in the same program block, I’m considering them one entry.  I was wondering if I had hallucinated Super Chicken, but when Mo said she had heard of it, I felt a bit more normal.  I still need to pick up the George of the Jungle DVD set from Wally.  It’s also got Super Chicken and another cartoon that’s escaping me at the moment.
8. Hysteria – Few people remember this, as well.  It didn’t last that long, but man was it fun.  It took hilarious pot shots at historical characters, one of which, Nostradamus.  It was basically Animaniacs throughout history.
9. Smurfs – See???  Communists can be fun, too!!  Yeah, a lot of people say the Smurfs were just a bunch of annoying trolls, but a lot of people have no souls, so there ya go.
10. Duck Tales – It was either this, Tail Spin or Darkwing Duck.  Disney really did have a good run in the 80’s/90’s with their weekly cartoons.  They also had Rescue Rangers and Aladdin in the mix there.  I went with Duck Tales as it was (I think) the first to really take off for Disney.  It put Ebenezer (Scrooge) McDuck in a new light, and really gave life to Huey, Duey and Louie.

Have a great Halloween!!