As it turns out, I DIDN’T DVR something wonderful.  Not even close.  It was Michael Phelps winning one of his 80 gold metals.  *Yawn*  That’s no fun.

So what’s new?  Let’s go with Geek Friday, shall we?

I ordered a couple of cases of G.I. Joe figures, ones that I haven’t got yet, nor are they in the area.  Check off one thing off my list now.  Also, I picked up a Variant G.I. Joe figure, “Clear” Wraith, off of EBay for $40.  Now, now… I know that $40 for a little G.I. Joe figure is a bit much, but, truth is, some of these variants fetch $100’s, so dropping $40 is okay by me.  Okay, so, Wraith…  Back when G.I. Joe: The Comic started again, a company called Devil’s Due were the ones producing it.  They added their own figures to the mythos, and Wraith was one of them.  With him, people either really loved him or hated him.  I was of the loved him camp.  He was a fun little badass that could ‘cloak’ himself to be invisible.  So, instead of going flat out ‘clear’ like they’ve tried in the past, and it didn’t really work out.  The plastic didn’t look or act right, if I remember.  So, this time, their clear = Blue.  So, now, he looks like a big killing Smurf robot.  Still though, it looks fun.  So now I just have to wait for my crap to come in.  Patience, I suck at.  I want it nownownownownow. 

I also found some DC Comics figures that I needed, that I haven’t seen in these parts.  Also have to wait for these to come in, too. :(  In one pack, it’s Starfire, Raven and Captain Boomerang *snort* (what a dumbass name.  See…if I was a super hero, this is the kind of crap name I’d probably get) in one pack, and Super Girl, Wonder Girl and Superman/Bizarro (Not sure which, it says Superman, but I thought it was supposed to be Bizarro) in the other.  Which makes me happy.  I really wanted these packs.  I bought this from a vendor that’s new to me, too, so that always makes me nervous.  I trust people very little and I trust businesses even less.  So, until I get these figures in my hands, I’m not holding my breath.  Still though, I’m excited, as I really want this crap. 

Also, picked up some comic books yesterday.  Chuck, that TV series I’ve been rambling about, now has a  comic book.  They’re up to issue 4, but I picked up 1 & 2 to see what it was about.  Also picked up a Serenity/Firefly TPB.  I haven’t read either yet, but I’m looking to jump into them tonight. 

Speaking of tonight, I’m going to try to play volleyball in Plainfield.  Hopefully it goes better than my sand volleyball excursion.  I just want to get playing again, I really do miss it.  It’s great exercise, and can be a flat out blast with the right people.  Besides, how am I going to go to compete in the London Olympics if I don’t start practicing?

Delusions of Grandieur, party of one!

Actually, I need to make sure they ARE playing, so I won’t have to waste my time if I don’t have to.  Other than that, I think I’m going to try to work on a theme for my phone this weekend.  I didn’t know what kind of work went in to making one of these things!  Well, if you want to do a half ass one, it’s not that bad, but what’s the fun in that?  All the way or no way, right?