Can’t sleep.  It’s been some time since I’ve gone to bed before 12:00, so when I try to do so, I always have issues, no matter how tired I get.

So I ran into one of my old classmates on Sunday.  Now, I really think it’s no secret that I didn’t care much for most of the people in my class, and I’m sure the same can be said about them to me.  We just didn’t get along.  I had a ton of friends older and younger, just not in my grade.  There were a few folks I’d call friends and a few more that I considered decent folk, but, not a lot.  I guess 12 years of being around me, I can understand why they’d get sick of me and vice versa 😉  But to get back on point, I ran into Sara Baurley Powers.  Man, I don’t think I’ve seen her since graduation.  Honestly, I really feel like she was one of the nicest people in South Ripley’s graduating class of 1995 (shut up, youngsters…).  It’s not like we were old bosom buddies or anything, but I always liked Sara.  Really decent peoples…something my class was lacking terribly.  But, I ran into her and her family in Avon at Target, of all places.  I got to meet her family which was cool.  She’s apparently due for her second child around the same time as Mo with our second.  But, it was good to see her again.  She seems to be doing really well with family and life.

Woohoo Rays!!  They are one win from the big dance!  Man, I KNOW KNOW KNOW not to count out the Red Sox, because this is what they do.  They get WAY behind and then come back with a fury.  But still though, I can’t help but to be excited and happy for the Rays.  Going from worst to first is such a great story, and the fact that they didn’t have to break the bank (like some teams…looking at you teams on the coasts…) to get there.  And Evan Longoria…no, not the Desperate Housewives chick, EVAN Longoria, is having a PHENOMENAL rookie year.  Good for him.  Seriously, this whole team is one of those long-shot, Disney movie, fuzzy feel good stories that just get baseball fans all a twitter.  Man, I hope they get one more against the Sox, and then sweep the Phillies National League team.  See, I can say this with full confidence, as I know Mo doesn’t read this, so I can root against the Sox here and it be okay.  Not that I mind them…I DO like their style of play, but they are starting to get that Yankees version 2.0 feel to them. I don’t like that.  But I do like players like Jacoby Ellsbury, Jason Varitek, Dustin Pedroia, Tim Wakefield, and they have Sean Casey, who’s just a hell of a dude from all I’ve seen.  I’m a Sean Casey fan, so a little of my roots for them if he’s in the lineup.  We went to see the Sox play Cincinnati and just the roars for Casey was awesome.  He was really loved in this town, and nearly everyone was sad to see him go.  As for the National League, who cares.  No one threw any pitches in anyone’s earholes, so I don’t care.  I don’t like the teams.  Go American League!

I watched Chuck again tonight.  I really love this show.  I MUST get Season 1 soon.  I love the characters, and it just has a fun feel to it.  I’m glad I record it weekly.  Although, I’ve forgotten to set the machine up to record Heroes…total phail.  I’ve missed two episodes, and I’d like to know what’s gone on since.  I picked up Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull today.  Didn’t get a chance to watch it as Mo had homework to do and the ballgame was on.  She has yet to watch Iron Man, as well.  She’s phailing as a geek.  It’s a shame.