Man, I can see how these things can be addictive.  I was a bad hubby last night and didn’t put away clothes, but tinkered with my phone.  In all fairness, most of it was transfering my numbers over.  WHY VERIZON CAN’T TRANSFER FROM REGULAR PHONE TO SMARTPHONE IS BEYOND ME.  Seems to me, if it was so smart, they’d do it themselves…

So, I forgot that when you buy a new phone, no one ever calls you.  Usually my phone is blowing up throughout the day.  Like, seriously, it’s ringing at least once every hour or two.  Since I activated my phone?  Not one peep.  AT. ALL.  Can’t say I’m really surprised by it, though.  That’s how it happens.  EVENTUALLY, somone’s going to have to call.  It’s just bound to happen.  Meanwhile, though, I’ve been breaking in my Blackberry Messenger with Mo and Veronica.  So that’s been fun.  Now, if I can get ahold of a couple of my buddies’ Blackberry PIN numbers, I can chat with them, too.  I’m going have Mo look at it tonight and see what she can do with it.  OH!!!  Just for fun…

I’m a Monkey!!

Griffen was being absolutely dippy last night.  It was SO funny.  He’d make goofy faces and say weird stuff, and just crack himself up.  It was a good time. :)  Of course, then he balances that by waking up at FREAKING 3:30 in the morning…3 days in a row.  I mean…are you freaking KIDDING me??  Grrr.  Frustrating.  So we alternated between sleeping in his bed and sleeping in ours…  I eventually had to let him cry because I had to take a shower, but cripes’ sake man…  I don’t know if he was cold or what, but I know he wasn’t happy.

Mo’s scheduled to arrive back around 6:00 tonight.  So, by the time I get home, her plane will have landed.  Assuming that the plane is on time.  She’s spent more time in Chicago’s Midway Airport than she has in the air.  It was dumb for them to fly them up there.  They were just going to Detroit, for crying out loud.  That way, if they DID drive, I could have rode up there with her so I could have worked from our Detroit Branch, one of the branches I buy for.  But, NO…  They had to fly her 45 minutes up to Chicago…have her hang out for 3 HOURS, then fly her 45 minutes to Detroit.  THEN, they turn around, fly her 45 minutes BACK to Chicago, wait 2 hours, and fly her 45 minutes to Indy.  Why, I ask?  That’s just silly.  Oh-freakin’-well.

What else is shaking?  I’m freaking tired and I can’t see straight.  I’m hoping that Mo won’t be too tired from getting carted all around to maybe watch him for the evening so I can either run or crash out on the hammock.  But, it IS getting kind of chilly, so the hammock might be out.  I just want to have about an hour or so to let me think and focus my chi.  But, if not, we can all hang out together and maybe watch Iron Man.  That would be cool, too.