Good God, man, I’m tired.  I’m not as young as I used to be.  I stayed up a little past midnight last night because I was hoping to make a purchase on a domain name.  Well, that didn’t happen, as we were confused on when it was available.  Oh, there’s a long winded story attached to all of that, but I’m not going to go into it.  It’s silly.

I watched Chuck again last night, courtesy of DVR.  That is a fun and useful invention.  I’m glad we got it.  I really dig this show…lots of fun.  All the characters are really likeable.  So I was looking at my DVR list…  Looks like I recorded some of the Olympics too.  Interesting.  I’ll have to check that, to see what the heck I wanted to see again.  I wonder if it was diving or volleyball…that’s what I would have wanted to watch, anyways. 😉  We DO have a problem with our DVR, though.  It won’t record something while we’re watching something else.  LAME.  If I’m watching it, more times than not, I wouldn’t want to watch it again.  It just so happened that we were out on Monday, otherwise we would have have to watch Chuck if we wanted to record it.  Silly.  Also found on my DVR: Epic Movie (Okay movie, and Faune Chambers…w00t!), and Bridge to Terabithia.  MAN…  That movie pissed me off.  I didn’t see the character who bit it as …well, the person who would bite it.  Also, it wasn’t what I was expecting.  I was expecting more into the supernatural side of things, like the Neverending story or Wizard of Oz, something like that.  This was more along the lines of Pan’s Labyrinth, where it just hinted at the fantasy side of the story at times.  But, yeah, when the character died, Mo and I just looked at each other with a “What the hell?!?” look on our faces.  So I’ll probably get rid of that to free up space for Chuck and Heroes.  And maybe Star Wars: Clone Wars.  And if I don’t have anything worthwhile on the Olympics recording, PFFT, off that goes, too.  Wow…that was worthless yapping.

So, baseball.  The playoffs start on Friday (I think), and since Milwaukee’s out, I have no team other than the Rays to root for.  So, GO RAYS!!!  You have to love small teams that spend a fraction of what these big teams do, play with a team spirit only seen on Little League fields, get to the playoffs.  And, just hopefully, make it to the big dance.  That was the Rockies last year.  Of course, they got bitch-slapped when they went up against Boston, but they made it there.  I’m hoping the Rays can make it to the World Series.  As for the National League…man, I don’t know.  I don’t know who to root for.  I hate the Phillies.  I’m not a fan of the Dodgers, either.  I’m just happy that the Cubs aren’t still there, because I want them to have NO part in the World Series.   Geez, I don’t know. I guess, if I have to root for any one of them, it’ll have to be the Dodgers, just to thumb my nose at Steinbrenner for letting Joe Torre go.  Lesser of evils, I suppose.

Alright, back to work.  Otherwise, I’m going to take a nap…