Yay for toys!  I fully recognize that the Blackberry is a toy.  I still dig it.  Don’t know much about it right now, but I’ll tinker with it, and either destroy it, or supe it up.  Guess which my money is on…

So, yay for preordering toys.  I got two cases of vehicles coming from Big Bad Toy Store, which is good, because, even though I’m spending a lil more than retail, it’ll end up saving me gas money.  So what did I end up getting?  2 HISS Tanks, 2 Firebats, 2 AWE Strikers, and 2 FANG/CLAW sets.  Honestly, I’m most stoked about the Firebat.  I never had this when I was a kid.  To have it meant one of two things…  Either you had a Terrordrome, which was huge and expensive (by our standards, anyways), or you got it as a mail-in years after it was produced.  Well, I didn’t have the money to get the Terrordrome, and, I think by the time it came out as a mail-in exclusive, I think I was out of it, focusing on baseball and wondering what it took to get girls to like me.  So I never got one.  But now I got two coming to me.  YAY!  The Fang is a huge nostalgia trip, too.  I had one when I was a kid, and man, was it fun.  As for the other vehicles, meh, I can take them or leave them.  They were part of the case, so I had to take them.

Other than that, Griffen was being a riot tonight.  I mean, seriously, he was being a goof.  It was so funny.  If I can find a way to get it off my old phone, I’ll see if I can get it on here.  He was saying “I’m a monkey” (after a bit of coaching, of course…), and making monkey sounds.  He was also just making silly faces and goofy noises the whole not.  And, at about 8:30, he said “Night night” and headed up the stairs.  Dude, tonight was CAKE!!  Let’s just hope I don’t speak too soon and he not sleep through the night.  That would suck.

Other than that…ah heck with it…I’m screwing with my Blackberry.  Peace!