0-5.  That’s zero wins, five loses.  To reiterate, that’s no wins for the 2008 season.  That’s never having more points at end of a game this year.  Zilch.

It’s going to be such a long year.

And, it’s not like they’re not trying.  They’re just not finishing.  They’re pulling some amazing plays at times, yet, at the same time, they’re doing some amazingly dumb plays.  Fumbles and turnovers are killing them.  They managed to recover an onside kick, and then they go and fumble the ball away.  Cedric Benson, welcome aboard.  Chris Perry, don’t make any long term plans.  Honestly, they played Dallas today.  I didn’t think they had a prayer to even compete today.  And, the first quarter confirmed my fears.  However, quarters 2, 3 & 4 actually showed some life and fire in the team.  They always step up against the good teams.  If they played this good against Cleveland and Baltimore, they’d be at least 2-3 right now.  Which, you know, isn’t good either, but they would have at least got their cherries popped. 

T.J. Houshmanzadah is a man.  He is the backbone of the Bengals receiving corp.  They need him to be on point every game.  That’s fine that Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco catching all of the media attention and gets the coverage attention, that lets T.J. do what he needs to do against usually single coverage.  I want to compare it to Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen…  Pippen was alright, but he was nothing compared to what he was when he played with Jordan.  The only thing is…  I’m not sure if T.J. is Jordan or Pippen.  All I know is, Chad and T.J. need each other to get that defensive attention.  I stll don’t think that Carson Palmer is what he was before the major injury.  Initially, he was just a balls-to-the-wall run-and-gun QB…  Now, I don’t know if it’s just being in the league for a while, or if he’s getting a little chicken or what, but it’s not the same. 

Again, it’s going to be a long year.

A group of us went to Troy, OH, last night for a Joe get together.  It was a great time.  Some of the guys, I hadn’t seen in some time.  We ate at Jon’s restaraunt, an authentic Italian restaraunt.  Let me tell you this: Buffalo Calamari kicks so much ass, you can’t understand it till you have it.  We had homemade bread with garlic butter, oil & cheese, 2 different types of Bruschetta, 3 different types of calamari, 3 house pizzas, and whatever beer we wanted, at a VEEEERY cost effective price (read: The tip was the most expensive thing I had to worry about).  So, if you’re ever in Troy, OH, because it’s possible, you need to check out La Piazza.  I highly recommend it.  Tell them JOhio sent you!  But, enough about the food.  It was a good time.  We got to talk about some bid’ness for our little fan group, and work out some ideas for some events we want to do.  The Indianapolis group didn’t end up getting back home until about 3:30 this morning, so, like usual, we spent quite a bit of time just yapping away.  That’s what makes our group so special.  A few don’t understand that, and try to corrupt it, but, come or go, our group will probably stay this close, if not closer.  It’s a good thing to have. 

FRIGGIN SWEET!!!  I found some Girl Scout Thin Mints!!  The world is good!  Time to go pig out!