I got my jerseys yesterday!  WOOHOO!! 

Sadly, that’s the most I’ve spent on clothing in years…

So, what did I come home with?  I got a Wes Welker blue Patriots jersey for Mo and I, and I also got a Carson Palmer (in black), T.J. Houshmanzedah (in orange), and a Chad “Ocho Cinco” (in orange) from the Bengals.  And I got them for a pretty reasonable price 😉  So, I’m happy, and I’ve got Bengal pride coming out of the ying-yang.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t get any of Mo’s jerseys.  They’ve been backordered, so she’ll have to wear a Welker jersey until then.  I picked up the Ocho Cinco jersey, just because I thought it was supposed to be rare.  Meh.  It’s not.  They’re out there.  So, that kind of took the fun out of it.  Still though, I get the joke.  Granted, it’s a little extensive the lengths Chad Johnson went to for a prank, but, hey, I’m down.  I just wish he was performing a little better this year.  Not that it’s all his fault, but he’s dropped a handful of passes this year, that, well, just should not have been dropped.  Let’s just say, when it’s the Bengals, when the wheels fall off, the wheels fall off…the brakes fall off, the rims go, the axles, so on and so forth.  My beloved team can’t handle a setback for nuthin’.  Them’s the breaks, but they’re still my team.  And T.J. is still badass.

So, as of today, fortune shines on our family.  We were told that we would receive a phone call if there was any issues with either baby #2 or Mo and her possibility of Diabetes.  Guess what?  No call!  I think we’re in the free and clear!!  Thank God for watching over us and the baby.  We dodged a pair of bullets.