So, we got a new dude running this place.  Sweet!  Congratulations to Barack Obama.  All’s I gots to say is, you stepped into some deep muck left by the guy before you.  I hope you’re up to the challenge.

I have to say, I was actually pretty excited through the whole thing.  It was neat to see some of these states flip-flop on who they were voting for.  In going by state to state, it was cool to just see how close the two major opponents were.  McCain had a couple states by a good margin, and Obama had a couple.  But, for the majority of it, it was near neck-and-neck.  Now, I don’t get into politics.  It bores the crap out of me to hear two gas bags go at it.  But, for this election, it was definitely interesting.  So, here’s to hope, and some change.  Kind of crazy how people are getting all atwit about it.  I just hope that, if Obama really has something wonderful planned, that we are able to go through with it and make us all better for it.  Here’s to hope!

What else is going on?  Dude, heard from my buddy Kevin Hunter for the first time in a while.  Always good to hear from a familiar voice now and then.  For those of you interested, he’s still in Versailles currently, and going for his EMT license.  So, everyone, think positive thoughts and hope that he’s able to get his license.

So I tallied up my Christmas list for folks…  Whoa.  It’s going to be an expensive holiday.  So, I have a video game coming to my Friday (which will be the focus of my Geek Friday entry), and after that, I won’t be picking up much of anything else until after the holidays.  Which is total crap, as Target is now dropping the cost of Joe figures to $5.  Hear that?  That’s God laughing at me.  So, I pretty much know what I’m getting most of the people on my list.  I’ll be getting one of my nephews some toys, the other, I’m not sure yet, but I have a good idea.  The only issue I have is Mom.  …clueless…  Absolutely clueless.  I’ll have to keep on her to find something.  Damn being difficult.