Well, okay.  So it’s a win for the Bengals.  Any other team, it’s worth as much as a loss.  But, for the Bengals not to lose is a stepping stone.  God, my team is so bad this year.
So, yeah, I know.  There wasn’t a whole lot going on last week, so I didn’t have much to talk about.  Brother-in-Law Mikey and his wife was in town for the weekend, which was cool!  Friday night, we didn’t do a whole lot, just got BW3’s and played Guitar Hero.  That was a good time.  I’m thinking I need to talk Mike and Liz into getting an XBox as Mike seems to really dig it.  He did really well for never playing before, and Liz did awesome, too.  Heh, I remember the first time I played it, I got booed off the stage before the song got good. 😛

Saturday I got to meet up with Gary, Jami, and Tom Mathius at Red Robin for some grub and socializing.  Which was pretty fun.  And man, the food at Red Robin??  Tasty!  I had Griffen with me, so I figured that was going to be interesting, especially as it was around his nap time.  We were all yapping when our waitress came to see if we needed anything.  I didn’t notice at first, but for some reason, Griffen was rubbing on her hip.  …It was pretty freaking funny.  And he got a balloon out of it.  Felt a girl up, and got a balloon.  I’m not sure if that sends him a proper message or not. 

I ended up beating Gears of War 2 on Saturday, as well.  Kind of a quick game.  I’m surprised it didn’t take longer than it did, as I didn’t play it very long.  It’s still a cool game, and I might go back in and try to get some achievements.  Also, did standard multiplayer and horde mode, as well.  Multiplayer was nasty.  I got shallacked.  I don’t even think I hit a dude on it.  On Horde mode, I did reasonably better.  This was kind of a neat feature, as you take a team of 5 guys, and they just keep sending wave after wave at you.  I’m more interested in Horde mode than Multiplayer right now…generally because I’ve been doing better in Horde. 😛

Wanna know why my wife is awesome?  Because she got me this.  The “Ultimate Battle Pack” exclusive from Target.  All KINDS of Joe goodness.  A MOBAT motorized tank, a red HISS tank, a Flight Pod in blue, and seven figures.  Holy CRAP!!!  That’s a lotta Joe! And at a hefty price, too.  Like, $63.  I’m very fortunate to have a loving and understanding wife who puts up with my silliness. :)  I’ve done real good not to buy anything for myself after I said I shut myself down for the holidays so I could focus on others.  And I really thought I was going to miss this one because of it.  I have to do something really nice for my wife…  I haven’t even opened it yet as it just looks too awesome to open.  Fricking sweet.