You thought I quit again, didn’t you?  You…I know you did!  Truth is, the past couple of days have been busy with work and boys, so what can you do, right?  So instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour, I’m here talking to you.  Damn skippy, you better feel loved. 

So, this evening, I tried to scan in some art for my web comic, and splat…the scanner goes dead on me.  I’m less than happy.  All I have now is this combo scanner that has a dpi of like…2.  Not what I need.  So now I’m in the market.  They can’t be that much, right?

Phoenix and I spent most of the night gooing and gawing at each other.  I tell you, there is nothing better for the soul than seeing your child smile.  Even when Griffen’s being a monster, and he laughs and smiles, you can’t you most of the time can’t do anything other than smile and laugh with him.

It just dawned on me…  I have no pictures of Phoenix on here yet.  How bad do I suck?  I must rectify that.  Other than that, same old business here.  Two days from the end of the weekend.  I am trying to find a way to get someone to keep the kids so we can watch Wolverine.  I need to watch this movie.  It has DEADPOOL in it!!  He’s great!