I hate printer/scanner/copier combinations.  I have been looking online today, and stores are flooded with these.  Ever since they became popular, scanners have been dying off.  I went to Best Buy over lunch, and they don’t even have any stand-alone scanners! Not to mention Wal-mart, but I knew that going in, I was just hoping to get lucky.  I talked to the dude at Best Buy, and he was like< “No, there’s no real reason to get a stand-alone scanner, unless you’re going for size.”  …YES!!!  YES, I AM GOING FOR SIZE.  I need something that has better resolution than my first Nokia cell phone.  I told him the application I was using it for, and he said, “Oh.  Have you checked the web site?” Yup.  SO, Best Buy was a bust.  I checked Fry’s…  I haven’t checked H.H. Gregg…hell, I don’t even know if they still sell computers.  So I’ll have to find some computer specialty shops in town, or bite the bullet and pay for shipping from an online store.  Not what I was hoping for.  BUT, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, so here we are.  I at least found one that I liked.  HP’s the best, or at least I’ve had the most luck with them. 

Other than that, it’s rainy, and I found out there’s no spring softball now.  This disappoints.  That’s okay, I suppose.  Now I can work on my comic more, and spend more time with the boys.  And also, hopefully, I’ll have more time to run.  Ever the optimist! :)