Hey, I figured what the hell.  I was in WordPress anyways, so I figured blow the dust off this place.  I’ve been busy, been lazy, and otherwise, I just didn’t update the site.  I’m a heathen, what can I say?

Okay, so since I last posted, Phoenix Joseph Hunger graced our presence on Feb. 3, 2009, and the little dude rocks.  Smiley little thing :)  He’s good until he’s hungry, then it’s like someone flipped a switch on him.  Griffen’s doing well, and coping rather well with little brother.  Better than I expected.  He’s growing big now and saying all kinds of things…good or bad.  Mo’s done AMAZING with Phoenix.  It helps that he body is actually cooperating with her this time, as apposed to with Griffen. 

I will be updating this site once again.  I’ll put it in my routine.  I’ve got two other sites I own now, both geek related.  This should be considered the family site.  Until later…