So I went on my run at lunch today.  I run in the park that’s close to the house, just a small play area that has a paved walk going around the complex.  It’s not huge by any stretch, but it’s a nice little tour.  Anyways, They don’t have it listed anywhere how long the walk is, so I figured I’d take it on myself to call the town afterwards to just see how far it was.

NO ONE KNOWS.  I talked to the Town Parks & Recreations person.  They didn’t know.  I talked to the Park Manager. He didn’t know.  He didn’t know where to send me, either.  Freaking retards.  I’m thinking it’s a half mile run, but not sure.  And I don’t have one of those pedometers either, not that it matters, as I hate those things.  SO, I ran, but I have no far I actually ran.  I did three laps, so I’m hoping I did a mile and a half. 

Enough of that.  As Mo has a broken foot, it’s a little more on me to get some stuff done.  Well, I’ve kind of been failing on that, but I’m trying.  I need to do some serious work on the laundry and dishes tonight.  That’s fun for everyone.  Bless her, she’s really been trying hard to help out and still pull her weight, even on a gimp foot.  She’s been great about helping overnight.  With her boot, it’s given her an easier time of walking around.  I also have to submit a review for my web site today, of which I have yet to start.  It’s been a super crazy work day today, and I felt like the more I did, the more crap I had to sort and get done.  So here’s hoping I can crank something out during our conference call today.  Which is a bit different.  We’ve never had a conference call at the end of the day.  Weird.  Man, I hope I freaking have my job tomorrow.

Other than that, I gave both boys a bath last night, and Phoenix is teething right now, so he’s caught himself a little cold.  Well, he decided to yak up all over him and me at 3 in the morning.  That was fun.  Man, I’m hoping tonight will be a little easier.  Mo was supposed to go to a Mary Kay cult meeting, but I guess it was cancelled.  So, I don’t have to deal with both boys by myself this evening.  YAY!! :)