So, what have I done for me lately?  I did end up posting the review on, so that was a plus.  Mo didn’t go to the make up party thingus last night, so I didn’t have to watch the boys by myself, which was nice.  Unfortunately, and this shouldn’t be a surprise, I didn’t end up doing any crunches or push ups, because, well, they suck.  So, win some, lose some.
 I’m also going to be eating out today, but that’s because it’s a coworker’s birthday.  We all go out for birthday lunches, and it would be rude to miss one, no matter the reason.  But once in two weeks is damned good, and I’m not planning on any trips to restaraunts any time soon. 

So, Phoenix is sick, and that sucks.  I think he got it because he’s teething.  He’s breaking in at least three teeth at one time.  Needless to say, he’s not been in the best of moods.  I don’t blame him.  But he’s not eating, either.  He didn’t eat overnight, and he didn’t eat this morning.  I’m hoping he licks this teeth things soon.  It sucks to see the boy not as himself :( 

But that’s what I got today.  No running…it’s a heal day.  Tomorrow, I try to push myself and go a little further.  I’m looking forward to/dreading that.  It’s very well possible that I could die out on the track.  That would be pretty damned embarrassing.