Okay, so I’m not a good person…I’m an average person at best.  What’s that mean?  It means I’ve lapsed.  I purchased 2 figures from China to be reviewed on the web site.  And I’ll probably buy at least one figure in the stores this week.  But, dropping from $100+ a paycheck to about $30 is a step, right?  Like I said, I’m not a good person…average at best. 

I wish I could say it was on willpower alone, but truth is, it’s bills.  Bills out the ying yang stacking up.  But we’re focusing, and on the road to recovery.  Unfortunately, it takes large tolls on the income, so, the money is redirected toward things that matter.  Gotta work some time…so now’s the time.

In other news, I’ve uploaded the very first picture of Phoenix for the site.  Kid’s damn near 7 months, and no pictures?  A travesty.  Whoops.  So, without further adeu, here is Phoenix Joseph in all his glory!


Griffen LOVED that excer-saucer, and Phoenix has taken a shine to it, as well.  And, yeah, PHX was born with that wild fro.  Crazy, right?  Griffen was bald for months, and Phoenix gets more than his fair share.  Eh…crazy kids.

Speaking of Griffen, I took a picture of him last night, too.  He’s a goober, and he loves motorcycles.  I have some bad news for him… Hunger’s and Moran’s are notoriously clumsy and lack coordination.  This will be the last motorcycle I EVER let him ride.  Flat out.


And yeah, that’s your’s truly’s leg.  Sex-ah, ain’t it? 

So, yeah.  I feel like I’m in quicksand with bills.  I seriously hope we can get out of this issue without having to cut too much.  We’re even planning on selling the Cavalier to help get out of the mess.  Probably won’t get too much for it, but if we can do some damage on our bills, that’ll help. 

I need to win the lottery.