Blah…  Today was another calamity of errors and annoyances.  Yet, here it be.  I was late dropping the boys off, went to get formula for Phoenix, had an issue there, went to the house to get the credit card, go back to get formula, drop it off at the babysitters, and then come to work.  Fun times.  And I’m freaking beat to boot.  Actually, I can’t remember when the last day it was where I wasn’t tired.  Homey needs his rest. 

In other news, the big exciting news around the internet on the sites that I visit is the status of a Miss Patterson.  Who is Miss Patterson?  I dunno.  A sister of a friend of a board poster, of a board that I don’t go to.  BUT, it’s trickled over to the web sites that I DO go to.  It seems that this Miss Patterson has gone missing somewhere around Kentucky (I’m not using her first name as I don’t want my blog entry to pop up on any google searches).  So…is it real?  Is it fake?  I don’t know.  If it’s fake, oh man, the board and the poster’s name will be mud for some time.  If it’s real, then, hey, good on them for getting the word out.  Issues?  This supposedly happened last Saturday.  It’s Wednesday now.  There’s been no news blurbs other than G.I. Joe web sites, no police reports, no snippets in major news outlets.  Hell, one dude supposedly called the State Police, and no one even knew anything about it.  Doesn’t make sense, does it?  Anyways, if you want to read more, feel free to check out my friend Justin’s site, as he’s got the info (I refuse to send you to the original board, because the board is, collectively speaking, a bunch of idiots, and I refuse to add to their hit count). 

Other than that, I have nothing exciting to report.  I’m half tempted to regularly dose Phoenix with Benydryl or something overnight to make him sleep throughout the night, but that’s just between me and you.  He did AWESOME early on with sleep, and now, it seems he can’t make it more than 3-4 hours without waking up, freaking out.  Crazy.

EDIT — HEH.  Within a day, she’s been found.  Yay.