At least, any time soon, anyways.  I got a scanner in the mail, but had huge issues…

So, I got an Epson “Perfection” V300 in the mail today from   Perfection, it ain’t.  I was concerned when the UPS dude showed up with the product in the box alone.  No extra padding or boxes. 

Anyways, so I tried to run a scan or two, and, while I had heard of this issue, I was hoping it was just a fluke.  The LED light that lights the scanner for the image flickers, resulting in a crummy scan, if a scan at all.  This disappoints, if not flat out pisses me off.  So now I have to send this turd of a scanner back, wait for them to review and process, and then send one back out to me.  I’m looking at two weeks, minimum.  This is bullshit. :(