Holy cow, we did it!  We swept Baltimore AND Pittsburgh!  I can now say that we are for real, and that’s saying something.

We have only Cleveland to play now to get a full sweep of the division.  To be honest, I don’t think they EVER have done that…  So man, here’s hoping they do!  It was even on TV today, so you can imagine where my fat butt was.  Good times!  Still have a LOT of season left, and a bunch of teams that we could lose to, so this season is far from over.  With Ced Benson hurt, hopefully he can recover soon.  He’ll be missed for however long he’s out. 

I’ve got my second week almost pencilled.  Hopefully I can finish that tomorrow and get most of the lining done.  I’d like to be at least a month ahead of myself, but usually I don’t work well unless my ass is on the line.  But I really would like this to do well, so maybe I can get it done, and do it right. 

So, i think I’m really going to get a pair of frogs again.  This time, I’m going to try with Red-Eyed Tree Frogs.  They’re not as colorful as the Poison Dart Frogs, but they do have some yellows, oranges, blues and of course those trademark red eyes.  I miss my PDFs, I wish I could have them back, but they are extremely fragile.  This damned house is too drafty for the PDFs, so I’ll try Tree Frogs.