So I’m mulling over on what I saw last night.  V, Rise of Cobra, and Resolute.  How does it hold up to what I thought originally?
I’m still digesting V.  There’s one flaw that I don’t like…  The main lady is FBI.  She finds out that these guys are lizardo’s.  Why doesn’t she…oh…TELL HER BOSS or something?  She doesn’t need to form an underground movement, she needs to go up the chain of command so we can nuke them out of the sky.  Damned government employees.  Can’t do anything right.  Other than that issue, I think I really did enjoy the show.  It’s too soon to say if I like it or not, as the opening show was just setting parameters for the story.  Still though, characters, both alien and human were likable.  Surprised to see some of them were aliens, but it’s all good (funny that the aliens were all people of some recognition…makes me wonder how long they’ll last).  It looks nice and clean, though, and they’ve won my Tuesday night viewing slot for now.

As for Rise of Cobra, I’m sorry, but I still do love this.  It was FUN.  Granted, we were interrupted by grouchy kids who didn’t want to sleep and Mo’s minions, but it was still fun.  It’s still weird to see someone portraying Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Baroness, et al, on screen.  Can’t wait for the sequel! :) 

As for Resolute…  It was good.  In terms of G.I. Joe cartoons, it’s the best that’s been made, in terms of art, story, etc.  I didn’t like some elements of it…  Scarlett being arm candy in the end disappointed me.  Still though, it was nice to see.

In other news, teething SUCKS.  We think Phoenix is breaking in his canines, and he had some serious freaking issues last night.  So sleep was lacking for us.  And no potty for Griffen this morning. Bum deal. :(