Okay, I’m back.  Man, I’ve been busy as hell.  I would like that to stop, please.  Well, I want to stop being busy with crap I don’t want to be busy with.

So what’s shakin?  DUDE.  Griffen went to the potty this morning.  EPIC!!!  We were so happy for him.  I was going to take a picture of the momentus occasion, but he was kind of nekkid at the time, and I didn’t want censor nazis to come down on my head and ruin a perfect opportunity.  So, he got a Potty Prize and he was really happy with that.  Hopefully, that will reinforce his want to go potty, because, quite frankly, diapers are f’n expensive.  Points for Griffen…on his way to becoming a big boy!

Tuesday will be geek overload for me.  2 (really 3) different G.I. Joe products will be on sale, with the movie and Resolute, a cartoon mini-series (and, I do mean ‘MINI’).  Not only that, but G.I. Joe toys are on sale now.  No breaks for us collectors.  Sheesh.  But V will also be airing tomorrow night.  It’s going to be a late night for me.  I plan on watching both the movie and the V airing.  Squeeeeeeeeee!!!

I was able to get a week’s worth of entries done for my comic web site on Saturday while I was handing out candy.  Stoked, but need to get a lot more done.  Speaking of Halloween, it was a bust!  There were hardly any kids out, and most of them were very boring costumes!  NO FUN!  The only one I even remotely liked was some kid was dressed up as a KISS member.  It’s not so much that I liked the outfit, but it was different than the rest.