Blah.  You know what one of my major flaws are?  If I forget to do something, I put it off to do it later.  It’s like Procrastination Pro.  Not only do I put it off, I flat out ignore it for some time, and just let it linger on.  GRRR.  Trying to get better about it. 

Although, there is truth to the fact that I have been busy, because I have been, a lot of the issue is finding a reason or a way to start back up again.  Looking through my post history, thats the case that I wrestle with constantly.  If I miss an entry, I put off going back and doing another time and time again, and then it gets so long that I feel embarrassed to post anything at all.  Damnation.

So what’s new?  Modern Warfare 2 owns my soul.  Holy crap that game’s fun.  I try to play as much as possible, but I am really trying to make sure that I not rob my family of time with them.  So while I have friends jumping up in the ranks, I kind of just trudge along.  Meh.  I have fun with it, so all’s well.

We had Thanksgiving last weekend, and it was a good time.  I didn’t do jack, nor did I go anywhere, but I stayed at the folks house and enjoyed the quietness of the old homestead. 

The Bengals are doing well!!  Other than a brainfart to Oakland, they’ve really been fighting pretty well this season.  I’m just hoping the injuries don’t strike and that they don’t run out of gas too early. 

And as for my comic web site.  I’ve put off releasing it until January.  New year, new project and all of that.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to help a buddy with his online venture,  It’s a current events site on a geeky edge.  Comics, Movies, cartoons, toys, popular news, youtube hits, stuff like that.  I’m hoping it does well, it’s got some promise to it.