Gah.  I hate days like these…  I absolutely can’t keep a thought in my head without having a half dozen other thoughts pop in and make my head cloudy, so much so that I can’t focus.  Gah.

So Mo picked me up a handful of CD’s from the library a couple days ago.  One of them is The Prodigy’s Music for a Jilted Generation.  I love, -LOVE-, this CD.  Their Law  and Voodoo People are the best Prodigy songs.  I haven’t heard these songs since my old computer crashed and I lost all my Napster music.  I got about 4 or 5 other techno CDs, so I’ve been grooving to that lately.  I just couldn’t believe the Indianapolis Public Library had stuff like The Prodigy and Juno Reactor.  I’m a happy camper, regardless. 

Phoenix made it through most of the night, thank God.  He woke up a bit before 5, so he ended up sleeping with us so he wouldn’t wake up brother.  I can deal with that.  I’d much rather sleep the WHOLE time, but if it’s just waking up a bit early, I can live.  I remember hourly waking up with Phoenix, so, yeah, I’d much rather not like to go that route again. 

Hmmm…  All I got today.  I was hoping writing would calm down the brain…not so much.  It’s going on so bad, that I can’t focus to write much.  Gah.