Wow…  I’m fast approaching my cap of entries per month…will I break the post count??  Just wait and see!!!

As for the header, it was just the title of a song I’m listening to at the moment.  “Holding on to Nothing” by Agnelli & Nelson.  Good song.  I love the girl’s voice.  It compliments the tone, and gives it a haunting edge.  Dig it.  This is why I love compilation CDs…  You find all sorts of gems you didn’t know existed. 

But, that’s not why I’m writing you today.  Actually, I have no idea why I’m writing you.  I started writing something yesterday, but decided to hold off on it and see what the day brought for my entry today. 

So, while our season is over in indoor volleyball, we do have a tournament…so we have one more game, anyways.  But we’ve lost our smallest player, Shohko…from Japan.  She’s heading off to New York for some reason or another.  Really sweet girl, it was nice to meet her and play volleyball with her.  And since we apparently can’t sub in the tournament, we’re down to 5 against the world.  No biggie.  We’ll deal.  We just have more room to cover.  Which may be better for me.  I’m always afraid I’m cutting people off going for a ball in indoor.  In sand, we don’t get that luxury.  If a ball’s close, we gotta go for it. 

So…  Happy Earth Day!  What does that mean, anyways?  Don’t be an ass, try to recycle something?  Shouldn’t we be doing that every day?  So…uh, Happy Earth Day to you.  Don’t be an ass, recycle something.

Two other points: My sister’s birthday is today.  Happy birthday to Sara.  For some reason, I really thought it was the 24th…dunno why.  It is not, and I know this because Facebook told me.  I suppose I should call her today, huh? 

Other point: Avatar is out today.  YAY!!  This makes me happy.  What doesn’t make me happy is they’re releasing it twice.  Initially, today, and later on in the year, like, WAY later, with all kinds of extras, bonuses, added features, etc.  That’s bullshit.  WHY.  WHY would they do that?  Well, you know, other than making more money off us idiots who will probably buy it twice.  Maybe Mo’s right…  Buy it on DVD now, and Blu-Ray later.  Still though, that’s dirty pool.  And, like a sap, I’m probably going to eat it up.

So, I’ve decided to kick the habit.  It’s become more of an obsession and less of a hobby, so I need to let it go.  I’ve gotten more interested in other things, too, in efforts to cut ties with toy collecting.  Volleyball, getting more interested in baseball, to name a couple.  It’s too expensive, and the room is becoming an issue, even with a giant basement, it’s full of crap and needs to be cared for.  So, God willing, I’m kicking the toy collecting habit. 

3 days sober.  And counting.