Man, I can never make up my mind what I want to do with this site. And as a result, nothing gets done. Awesome, huh? Not really. I’m still here, I’m still checking it, but I’m not sure what I want to do with it. I just have to remember to once in a while do something, so that it’s updated.

Things are going relatively good here though.  I’m back into volleyball finally!  Playing Tuesday nights with a bunch of random peoples.  As for the boys, they’re doing really well.  Phoenix has chilled out from a few weeks ago.  He went through a real rough patch for about a month and a half or so where he was just miserable, and, in turn, making us miserable.  I think he was getting a mouthful of teeth coming in and didn’t handle it as well as Griffen did.  Mo’s doing well, always busy, always tired.  I’m trying to get her more involved with…well, something, so that she can have something to take her mind off of things. 

Still trying to find what I want to do with this thing…  Years and years of having web sites, and I’m still wondering what to do.  Naturally.