Oh, thank the spiritual being that today is Friday.  It didn’t seem to be an especially long week, but it always feels like I’m in the last stretch of a 5k race. 

So, what’s new today?  Yesterday, had a bit of a “WTF?!” moment.  About 4:00, I had a branch question where a load of salt was.  I told them I’d check on it.  When I talked to the Salt company, they said they showed it shipped out on the 19th, it should be there.  They asked me if I was sure it wasn’t there.  Yeah…I think we’d tell if a truckload of salt was present at my branch or not.  So they said they’d look into it and get back to me.  That’s fine.  About a half hour later, the branch calls me, says they heard from the trucking company, says again, that it shipped on the 19th, that it should be there.  Again, they question if they’re sure we didn’t receive it.  …people, this isn’t a loose wrench here…a TRUCKLOAD OF SALT.  So, they said they’d look into it.  In dealing with another trainwreck, I got a flurry of e-mails from the branch, asking why I didn’t pick up the phone.  Thought it odd, but children are impatient.  So I called them back, and they found the load of salt.  Seems the truck driver had a massive heart attack outside of some podunk town in Texas, and he was in the hospital.  HOLY CRAP.  What’s worse. the trucking company told my branch “Thanks, because we had no idea it happened.”  Uh…  Two days late, with, I assume, a company truck, and they didn’t bother to track him down?  Nice.  So, yeah, kinda crazy.

That, I think, is the most I’ve talked about work here.  Eh.  That’s probably as much as you’re going to get. 

So I picked up Avatar today.  Rat bastards.  Now I have to buy the super duper copy later on this year.  I’m hoping we get to watch it tonight.  Just depends on how much energy Mo has and how the boys are tonight.  They were freaking ultra whiny last night.  Didn’t help that Mo had a rough night of work, either.  But, hoping for a better night today.

Tomorrow, we’re supposed to go to some Earth Day celebration thingus downtown.  May be alright.  Of course, I think it’s supposed to rain, so that may get canned.  If that happens, we’ll hit the museum.  Haven’t been there in a bit, and it’ll be good to get back there.