Ah…so I come close to the end of my vacation.  This makes me sad.  I did get some things accomplished, left other things…  Oh well.  Is what it is.  And now I mentally prep myself to get back into the swing of things of working again.  Yay.

Doesn’t look like I’m winning any “Most posts in a month” award this month.  What can I say, I get distracted easily.  Eh, still though, I’m posting, and that’s what counts.

So…  Our indoor (heh…about typed “Endor”.  You can take the man out of the geek, but you can’t take the geek out of the man…) volleyball tournament finally came to  a close on Tuesday, with us being unceremoniously eliminated in the first tournament game.  I had a good game…I had a decent game.  But, because of me, we lost.  We were down 19-24 in the second game and I had a fat set for me to spike.  I went up, and I hit low.  I freaking hit low.  DAMN IT. It hit the top of the net, and came back down on our side.  I was pissy about it, I admit.  I just wanted to sulk for the night and be over it.  I had some nice blocks and good hits that night, it felt good.  I was the person that WANTED the ball when it counted.  And I botched it.  Blah.  What’s more important out of this, is, I have my sand league on Monday to redeem myself.  Not only that, but the team will be playing at Midwest Sports Complex on Tuesdays as well.  I fear that if I try to get into any other leagues, my lovely wife WILL kill me.  Painfully and slowly.  Still that, she’s been pretty easy-going with the volleyball thing, and I can’t thank her enough for that.  I just wish she’d find something that got her out of the house and interested in doing something.   Eventually, I’m sure.

So, on my next to last day, after I get done here, I’ll be cleaning our upstairs as it’s a freaking pit, and if I get the energy to do so, I take a look into destroying the basement and rebuilding.  If at all possible, I’d also like to go for my first jog of the year.  Quite frankly, a jog’s more interesting than working on the basement, so that’ll take priority. 

Oh, and I’m more than a week and a half sober from my addiction, so yay for me! :)  For those who don’t know…  I’ve got a sick hobby of toy collecting.  Action figures out the yazoo.  I’ve decided to quit in an attempt to refocus my interests.  And you know what?  I have no freaking clue what to do with the internet now.  How sad is that?  I’ve devoted most of my internet life to the hobby, and now I’m either trying to avoid it, lost interest, or don’t want to be bothered by it.  So now, I’ve looked at movie news, sports news, news news, and webcomics.  Oh, internet…what do I do with you now??