So, back again.  You know, I think I can dig the Wednesday-Thursday-Friday routine.  I’ve been doing it for the past few weeks with regularity, so, let’s just consider that my schedule. Woo.

So, we got our first win as a team last night!!  YEE-HAW!!  We’re playing in a new league up at Midwest Sports Complex, up a short drive from work.  I’m not sure if we’re in a ‘lower’ league than what we usually play in, but we pretty much handled them.  We won the first game 25-9, second game 25-20, and the third game we were kind of messing around, and ran out of time before the end of the game.  We picked up a later game, just to give us some practice.  They had six players, and some of the guys were pretty decent, but we beat them first game, lost second game, and were winning the third game when we ran out of time.  I did okay.  I really need to work on my sets and timing of spikes.  I’m still WAY off on hitting…  It’s a bit of a mess, so I don’t get clean hits in.  My defense was pretty solid.  I love laying out for a bump or dig in sand, absolutely love it.  And the small beach in my shower stall proves it.  Still though, if I can work on my hitting some more, I won’t feel like a weak link of the team.  We got rained out of our Monday night game.  That’s two weeks in a row for that…  Kind of cruddy, but it’s the weather, what can you do?

So, me playing volleyball last night prevented Mo from going to see Iron Man for free. I know, I know.  I suck.  But it was the first game in a new league, and, well, I just hate missing games.  Besides, she’s more than welcome to watch the flick this weekend while I watch the boys.  It’s the least I can do for Mother’s Day weekend.  Nothing says love like popcorn and Iron Man. 

I get to watch the boys tonight as Mo is starting a Yoga class.  Good for her.  She needs to get out and do something.  It’s good for her.  So maybe this will help take her mind off work and daily stresses.  Me personally, it’s not for me.  Sounds all too hippy for me.  But whatev’s.   She’s got 5 classes scheduled.  If she really likes it, I’ll help her pay for more.  It’s nice that she’s taken an interest in something. 

So, that’s what’s I gots today.  Tired as hell, couldn’t sleep last night, as I couldn’t turn my brain off.  The header is from a Prodigy song I was listening to as I started this.  I neither really do have the poison nor the remedy, unfortunately. 

Oh, and, fell off the wagon.  What can I say, I’m an addict!  But it’s a cancelled and unreleased figure.  It’ll be worth…well, probably what I paid for it some day… Can’t get anything more, because it’s Mother’s Day/Mo’s birthday this weekend/next week, so I gots to have money for that, and I’d really, REALLY like to get some baseball jerseys from China on Friday.  CHEAP CONTRABAND, YO. :)