Welcome, boys and girls, to what I call The Hasbro Scramble. As nerds, geeks, dweebs and other assorted named groups finally get over the fun and exciting buzz that the San Diego Comi-Con has caused, Hasbro is now pumping their San Diego show exclusives on hasbrotoyshop.com. Said folks now get to duke (hah! Get it?) It out for various bits of collector glory, including,  but not limited to: Captain America, Thor (Owch! Mah mawth ith thore! I never tire of that…), Sgt. Slaughter, Iron Man and My Little Pony, among others. Anyone that collects these toy lines have been scrapping this morning for their goods while they can. I haven’t missed out on anything I haven’t wanted yet, but I fear I’ll lose my chance at Slaughter. Stupid web site.

For the past three years, its been like this. Each year having varied results. This kind of stuff happens every month for He-Man collectors. Quite frankly, I’m glad I gave that up. However, I have to fight it out win those guys next week so I can do the Mattel Scramble. I needs me some Plastic Man.

I am a silly monkey that doesn’t learn his lesson.