No, I haven’t fallen off the wagon yet. Working from home always bogs down my day. Throws me off schedule. I’ll probably just enter a couple posts today to make up for it.

So, trying to iron out a web site for a group I’m helping out with, I’m getting frustrated with classes. Classes override normal formatting, so I’m trying to go around them, with minor if no success. Blah. PITA. I’ll figure it out, it’ll just take a bit.

In other news, I totally dig Warehouse 13. It’s such a fun show with really likeable characters. Seeing as how it is on cable and we cut our cable, Hulu is coming up huge for us in that we can both watch the current week’s episode, but also 4 episodes previous as well. Very nice.

Alright, time to start the day. I’ll be back later to chat more.