…but I don’t think I am.

Does anyone else think that the newer Dodge Charger, and to an extent, the Challenger, look like they would fit in in a post-apocalyptic-Mad-Max styled world? Like, dual belt-fed mounted machine guns on the hood and rockets on the back or doors would NOT look out of place on it? Seriously, its like I’d have no qualms about taking that thing into war. It just looks so armored, like it not having steel-plated side panels and floors seems odd. Not that I want to be the one to test it, but the Charger looks like it could brush off an RPG attack. That’s what our soldiers need overseas. Not Hummers, but re-enforced Chargers to zip around the battlefield. Totally could work. I just saw one of our company chargers pulling in at lunch, and thought, “Ya know, that thing really is missing some machine guns.” These things really are the things that bounce through my head…

Other than that nonsense, I was on a toy hunt at lunch. Didn’t find what I wanted but found tons of clearance stuff. Also picked up Batman and The Red Hood Blu-Ray. Looking forward to that one. 😀

Trying to survive month-end today, and then its two work days next week, then vacation starts. Which involves getting up at 0-stupid-thirty and driving for 8 hours or so. Should be fun!

Tomorrow: I plan on listing my top 20 80’s videos. Stay tuned!