Sucker Punch, the movie, like like it could be the GREATEST MOVIE EVER (or the biggest trainwreck in the world, but let’s not focus on that…)!!!  Seriously…hotHAWT women, gun toting women at that, dragons, samurai, swords, guns, zeppelins, old prop planes, mechs, Jena Malone, ass kicking, shooting, missiles, it has EVERYTHING YOU (re: I) COULD EVER WANT.  Looks like it’s a bit of the Matrix mixed with Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow, Kill Bill, Reign of Fire, and damned near any anime movie out there.  Holy shit, I need to see this movie.  NOW.  I damn near had to wipe up a pool of drool after watching the trailer last night.  Only trouble with a movie like this, a movie that takes everything they can think of and put it in a movie, is, well, the movie ends up like crap.  Could be the case here.  But if it even has a REMOTELY coherent story, it could easily be one of my top 20, if not top 10 movies ever.  Just…looks like a damned fun movie.  I’m down for it.

In other news, Month end comes once again.  BOO.  Means I need to get my stuff done.  ASAP.  Means I’ll be working late to get it done.  Yippee.  Basically running reports, entering promise dates, crossing t’s and dotting i’s.  Fun.  Work now, play next week.  The clan is doing their yearly migration to Gatlinburg for a long weekend, so, I’m looking forward to that.  It’s so calming and relaxing down there.  I know it’s a tourist trap, but man, there’s something in the air down there.  It’s just, nice.  I can’t wait to go.  And this is our vacation this year, so we better live it up. 

Hmmm…  You know, it’s dead up here.  There’s no one here today other than I.  Weird.  I wonder where everyone’s hiding??  Meh.  Oh well.  It’s nice and quiet.  I can deal with that.

But remember Sucker Punch.  Every time I find something new, I’m probably going to be yapping about it.