I know I’m supposed to be conserving money and eating at home, but they’re blacktopping our street…so, can’t go home. So Skyline it is. 

And I wonder why I’m a fat bastard…

So anyways, I have to say I do like posting right after a feeding out and about. It’s nice. That’s the time I usually sit and think about stuff anyways. What’s also nice is that for once, Fox News isn’t on, its ESPN. This is like a special treat with us giving up cable. You don’t realize how much you miss getting news feeds about teams and athletes,you don’t care about until it’s gone. Like, take for example, the Tour de France. Typically, I couldn’t give a shit less about it. But, the fact that the race was held up by sheep crossing the road, that there is good stuff.

So, at lunch today I picked up 2 Last Airbender figures. I heard the movie just sucked. That pisses me off enough as it is, but the movie figures had also been pretty rough, too. Sculpt was fine, but they continually snafu’ed the eyes. Such a small element that makes such a huge impact. Well, back to the figures I bought today. They’ve actually bothered to fix he eyes on the second wave. Nice. I got Sokka and Aang, so if I get/find Katara, I’ll be set with that line. I am trying to trim my collecting, and I’ve done pretty well, so pick ups randomly won’t kill me.

That’s my defense statement to Mo.