I’m sitting here finishing my lunch, out of the office, and adding to my web site. This, yeah, this I could get used to. It’s still awkward typing in this method, but with everything else, I’ll get used to it.

So I was thinking… You know, it’s really hard to constantly update a personal web site. It’s hard in that you have to constantly come up with something to talk about. I can update about the kids, sure, but day-to-day happenings usually aren’t that thrilling, or notable, if you’re living with them. That’s not to downplay hurdles and happenings, not at all. They’re usually just small advances that equal greatness later on. Oh man, when they hit that greatness, it’s some kind of awe inspiring. Walking, drinking from a cup, not throwing half of their dinner (Much bigger milestone than it should be really…), its great. And it’s so awesome to see them grow and develop personalities and senses of humor. These kids are nuts, and it’s amazing. Granted, it’s not all flowers. The boys get highly cranky at times, just like their parents, but we deal through it, like they do for us.

So, sure, I can do updates of the kids. But there’s times when I need to talk, to release. That’s what his web site is for. For me to release and let myself ramble for a bit. So, if anyone’s still reading, thank you. If I stay current with this site, I’ll welcome more people in. Who knows, I might even have something relevant to talk about.