…ah…you know, for like, this week.

Yesterday, I said I was going to do the top 20 videos of the 80’s.  Well, that was kind of an un-truth.  What I meant to say was I was going to do the Top 20 songs that I liked, and show the videos for them, courtesy of Youtube.  So, it wasn’t an entire lie per se, just a mis-speaking.

Man, I love 80’s music.  A few nights back, friends and I try to “out 80″ each other.  Uncovering and remembering various 80’s tracks, it was great to be listen to such…random sounds again.  So, because of this, I wanted to do a “Top” list.  It started out with 20.  That couldn’t contain it.  So I went with 25.  Besides, it’s a much more solid number anyways. 

Now, for the list.  It changes somewhat as moods come and go.  But consider my Top 5 to be everlasting.  As in, they’ll ALWAYS be my top 5.  And, yeah, I do think they’re the top 5 80’s songs, so deal with it.  But, without any further delay, I present to you…  My top 2(5!!) 80’s songs…  Enjoy.  And comments are always welcome.  Well, other than on #25 itself.  Just deal with it and move on.

#25. Vanilla Ice — Ice Ice Baby : Yeah.  Shut up.  Just…just shut up.  Let it go.  On to the next one.

#24. Frankie Goes to Hollywood — Relax : To have an 80’s list and not have this on it would be sacriledge.  It’s dripping with 80’s, and it’s still a pretty groovy song.

#23. Cutting Crew — I Just Died in Your Arms : Does this make me sappy?  Does this make me lame (I’d say #25 accomplishes that)?  Don’t care.  This is a solid 80’s song, that has a good sound to it.  I could listen to it daily…hell, back in the 80’s, I probably DID listen to it daily. 

#22. The Smiths — How Soon is Now? : Funny thing about this song.  I didn’t really hear it until MUCH MUCH later.  Totally dig the song, I like it.  I like the darker sounds of it.  It’s not pitch black dark, but a nice somber tone to it. 

#21. Genesis — Land of Confusion : Creepy puppets be damned, it’s still a fun song.  …SUPER creepy puppets.  I still think it really displayed the times of the 80’s…heh…whatever that means.  Hope, maybe?

#20. Mr. Mister — Broken Wings : I think this is as love ballady as I’m gonna get.  Love the sound of the song.  Not sure what the song means, but I always dug this song.  One of the few slow songs that I wouldn’t ask to change the station on.  That’s got to be worth something.

#19. Paul Lekakis — Boom Boom Boom :  BWAHAHAHAHAHA.  This is great.  It’s so dippy, it just fits.  I mean, seriously, it’s like a pre-teen kid trying to ask a chick back to his place.  Still though, passing the lyrics to this silly song, I admit…I LOVE the synthesizer.  Embarrassingly so.  I blame the 80’s for the source of me liking techno and electronic music.  Odd memory of this song… I vividly remember listening to this song at my friend Bruce’s house, and I asked what that meant…  One of his sisters said it was none of my business… lol

#18. Power Station — Some Like It Hot : Hey look, Robert Palmer before Simply Irresistible!  Oh wow, look at that 80’s hair.  Who here is guilty of said hair, hmmm?  Not I, suckas! 😛  Not very many times does shaving arm pits make it to a music video. 

As well it shouldn’t…

#17. Real Life — Send Me an Angel : Hehehe…  I look at this video, and just chuckle.  The lead singer’s such a knob lol.  But, when this was on the radio growing up, holy crap, I dug this song.  Just totally loved it. 

#16. Flock of Seagulls — I Ran : I believe it’s safe to say this is the epitomy of a one hit wonder?  Well, three quarters of this list could probably be listed as such.  As much as people like to make fun of it, it’s true 80’s in spirit, and that’s A-Ok by me.

#15. Midnight Oil — Beds are Burning : What a groovin’ sound this song had.  Totally cool signing voice, and really worked for the song.  I rarely heard this on the radio growing up, but when I did, I cranked it.  No, that’s not Woody Harrelson.

#14. Living Colour — Cult of Personality : OMG!!  A BLACK ROCK GROUP!!  There, got that out of the way.  These guys truly rocked it, and this song was awesome, doesn’t matter who sang it.  This is still getting air time, it’s that good of a song.  Ah, 80’s…the eye-melting bright colors at it’s finest.  Feast on the eye-blinding colors, friends.

#13. Europe — The Final Countdown : No one, NO ONE, from Versailles does not know this song.  Anyone that ever went to a basketball game, was in the band, went to the Pumpkin Show parade, heard this song.  Repeatedly.  Over and over again.  It’s a groovy song, and even more groovy when it’s not played by a high school band (no offense, band members. 😉 ).

#12. Guns N Roses — Welcome to the Jungle : There’s no way G’n’R could escape this list.  They’re the ones that helped get me into liking rock.  And well, I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan, so, I hear this at the beginning of every game, so the song has a little more meaning for me.  Man, Appetite for Destruction was such a great freaking album…

#11. Soft Cell — Tainted Love : Another iconic 80’s song.  Although, I still say this song really got it’s resurgeance courtesy of a Levi’s commercial some years ago.  But still, it’s such a fun song that people still dig today.

#10. Devo — Whip It : As far as I’m concerned…THE iconic 80’s song.  It’s freaking Devo, man, what can you say?  Just all around, fun, fun music.  An infectious song that you could be humming hours from now, simple song that you know the words watching it once.  *GASP* They’re whipping her clothes off!!  The monstrosity!! 😛

#9. Eurythmics — Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) : The Eurythmics had a few good songs, that I still dig listening to, but this one, by far, will always be my favorite.  In a totally blasphemous statement, I really do think that Marilyn Manson’s take on it is much more fitting of the feeling of the song, and probably one of the best covers made in recent years.  But, the original is still a great and cool song.

#8. Snap — The Power : Heh, I loved this song.  So much.  I was always frustrated when the radio played it because they edited out the dude’s part.  Without that part, the song’s kind of hollow with just the chick doing her thing.  Gotta love the mile-high flat tops, yeah?  Yes, Rashawn, you DO look like the guy rapping.  Word.

#7. Survivor — Eye of the Tiger : If Devo’s Whip It isn’t the iconic 80’s song, The Eye of the Tiger most certainly is.  Survivor, you can thank Rocky for any money you possess. 😛  Still though, catchy song that you can enjoy any time. 

#6. M/A/R/R/S — Pump Up the Volume : Again, I blame the 80’s for me liking electronic music.  Hearing this song was always a treat.  It rarely came on, and when it did, man, I went nuts.  Totally love this song.  So much so.  Damn yo, I still love this song. 

#5. Faith No More — Epic : Calling this “80’s music” is probably not…correct, even though The Real Thing was released in 1989.  It doesn’t fit the model that the stereotypical 80’s music follows, and really got a push in 1990, but, I’ll take the cheat on this one and use it.  I love this song.  The type of rock that they did was not typical of the rock at the time, they did something unique and did something awesome with it.  Still one of my all time favorite songs, by far.  I can thank Indianapolis’ early alternative station for letting me hear this song early on. 

#4. Kenny Loggins — Danger Zone : TOP. GUN.  topguntopguntopgun.  I can say whatever I want, but it boils down for effin’ F-14’s and Top Gun.  Top Gun.  Which STILL has the ugliest freakin leading lady in Kelly McGillis.  *shudder*

#3. The Digital Underground — The Humpty Dance : Show of hands, who saw me do this song at my wedding reception?  Or, at any other time that I’ve done it?  I love this song, and you should too.  It’s silly, awesome, and great.  My buddy Matt, Vince and I all love this song, and have performed it at various occasions. 

#2. Falco — Rock Me, Amadeus : What the fuck is this song about??  Who cares??  It’s such a badass song.  LOVE the double fist pump on “Rock me Amadeus” lol.  It is just a daffy song.  This, for me, personally, was tied with number one in my favorite song of the 80’s, and is up there on my favorite songs of all time.   

#1. Pet Shop Boys — West Side Girls : Between this and Rock Me Amadeus, I can listen to either of these songs daily, if not hourly.  Such a great sound.  I could never hear it enough when I was a kid. 

So, there ya have it, my top 20(5!!) favorite 80’s songs.  Granted, some pop in and out of favs, but the first handful or so, are classics and will be forever favorites of mine. 

I do feel bad, I’ve left out a ton that I’d like to add, but this list took long enough as it was.  Sledgehammer, nearly anything from Def Leppard, I wanted to add a View to a Kill, Bananarama in there somewhere (they still look pretty damned good…), Somebody’s Watching Me, the Ghostbusters theme…so many I feel I’m excluding, but, ya know…is what it is.  Thanks for taking the time to read :)